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Zelda fans think we’re getting two different Links in Breath of the Wild 2

Who is "long-hair Link?"

We have a ton of questions about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, and with those questions come theories. Every bit of footage is combed over by internet sleuths, and new ideas about characters crop up every time there’s a crumb of news. This time, fans are hypothesizing about dual protagonists in the upcoming game.

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It started with Italy-based Zelda YouTube channel Lega Hyrule, which spoke with the Italian voice actor for Daruk the Goron champion, Pietro Ubaldi. In a possible spoiler move, Ubaldi mentioned dubbing Daruk’s ancestor as well, leading to a lot of speculation on popular gaming forum ResetEra. In the ensuing thread, fans throw out the idea of the “long-hair Link” we saw in recent gameplay footage being a separate character from the hero of the first Breath of the Wild. If Daruk’s ancestor from 10,000 years ago is indeed in the game, then why not Link’s too?

This “long-hair Link” can be seen in the most recent footage, wielding a new Master Sword. That would explain why the legendary weapon looks so different too — it could be a precursor to the blade that we know today. That footage also seemed to confirm the teleporting mechanic that Nintendo patented last year is in the game. It showed Link beaming up to a floating platform from the ground.

There will be plenty of room for more theories as we wait for Breath of the Wild 2’s eventual release date. All that recent footage came alongside news that the sequel was being delayed to spring 2023. The delay knocked down the value of Nintendo shares by six percent.

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