How to get Tokens fast in Blooket

More tokens equals more Blooks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are so many different Blooks to discover inside of Blooket, with some of the rarest Blooks in the game only able to be unlocked by spending tokens to open packs of random Blooks in the market. Because of this method of obtaining Blooks, players will need more tokens to open more packs. Of course, because of the number of tokens needed, players will want to be able to obtain the tokens as fast as possible. Here are the fastest ways to obtain tokens and get the Blooks flowing in Blooket.

Play Factory for the max amount of time

For players looking for a solid way to gain tokens, the Factory is one of the best methods. Players who upgrade their factory and play for the max time of 60 minutes will see a solid token yield. For every three questions that players get correct, they will receive more money for their factory. By playing for the entire 60 minutes, players can receive over 100 tokens for their troubles.

Always go for the daily bonus

For the first game of the day, players will receive a one-time bonus of 10 tokens. As far as time invested, this is one of the best methods for players to receive bonus tokens. The 10 tokens simply get added to the player’s total payout at the end of the game.

Play Tower Defense mode

Players who play in the Tower Defense mode may notice that it is the quickest mode for them to gain tokens with. It may not have the largest payout at once, but the tokens will flow when players use this mode to get tokens. The higher level players make it to will be a higher payout at the end. To top it all off, this is probably the most fun of all the methods of obtaining tokens.

Sell Blooks for quick tokens

Selling Blooks that players are not interested in or simply do not need is a great way to get some quick tokens. The higher the rarity is, the higher the Blooks will sell for, with Chroma Blooks selling for up to 300 tokens. This can be a good method if players have no other choice or simply have a lot of unwanted Blooks to sell.