How to kill Dul Arath, Hive Wrathborn in Destiny 2

Let the hunt begin.

The hunt is on for the Wrathborn targets in Destiny 2. These targets will be on a specific planet where you need to lure them out and take them down. You’ll need to have a charge on your Cryptolith Lure before you can undergo any of these tasks. The fastest way to charge up your lure is to undergo Strikes, or work together with a team to take on the weekly Nightfall Strike.

Many of the Wrathborn hunts follow the same format, but a few vary on where you need to go, and what you’ll be fighting.

Starting Dul Arath’s hunt

To hunt for Dul Arath, you need to upload this particular lure modular into the Cryptolith Lure. You’ll only be able to do this by first achieving reputation rank 2 with Crow. You can do this by farming Recon Data, which you earn by completing Wrathborn hunts. After you earn to unlock the Improved Seeker 1 lure upgrade, you’ll be able to go after Dul Arath.

When you’re ready, click on your Destinations tab, and you’ll want to fly over to the Dreaming City’s Divalian Mists landing point. That’s where you’ll be able to plant your lure at the draw out the Wrathborn.

Defeat the Wrathborn Hive and track them

When you arrive at the landing point, you want to drive over the large Cryptolith structure and plant your lure. This will draw in the elite Wrathborn Hive to your location, and you’ll have to take it down. It will also spawn minions around it to protect it. You want to look for the hive minion that is glowing green and take it out. When it dies, it’ll drop a green aura on the ground, and if you take it, you’ll be able to twice as much damage against the Wrathborn Hive, making it a much easier process to take down. Just before you defeat it, it’ll run off, similar to the other Wrathborn Hunts. You’ll have to start tracking it.

To track the Wrathborn back to its lair, look for a glowing green smear on the ground. You’ll need to follow this to the next area, where you’ll find a quest icon, which leads you directly to its lair. Once inside the lair, you’ll go into another instance, and your fireteam will join you.

Taking down Dul Arath

When you arrive inside the instanced Wrathborn hunt, you’ll need to continue following the green trail back to the creature’s lair. You’ll be obstructed by a glowing red and black barrier that you can destroy, and once inside the lair, you’ll have to fight the Wrathborn you initially fought at the Cryptolith. It’ll be pretty weak, and once it’s down, Dul Arath will appear.

Like the rest of the Wrathborn hunts, you won’t be able to shoot at Dul Arath until you down one of its elite guards. They’ll be the ones glowing green. When you take them down, they’ll drop an aura you can stand in and receive a buff. It allows you to break through Dul Arath’s barrier and do more damage to it. You can sometimes take Dul Arath out if you have enough firepower, but you may need to do it again.

After you’ve completed the hunt, you can grab another and keep up the grind.