How To Earn Solstice of Heroes Key Fragments in Destiny 2

You will need a lot of them.

Destiny 2

The Solstice of Heroes is upon us in Destiny 2. Eva has set up shop in the center of the Tower, and we can now get access to the European Aerial Zone. This is a special event map for the Solstice of Heroes, pitting you against random enemies as you try to earn Solstice Packages. To open the Packages, you will need Key Fragments. It takes 15 Key Fragments to open each package, so you will need to earn a lot of them.

How To Earn Solstice of Heroes Key Fragments

Key Fragments

There are quite a few ways to earn Key Fragments. When you run the European Aerial Zone, after you kill the final boss, you will have a chance to hunt down one treasure chest for each miniboss you killed. These can contain Key Fragments. When you are hunting the chests, an icon will pop up on your screen when you get close to them, so you can afford to search general areas, without having to check every nook and cranny.

You can also do Bounties for Eva, which you can collect from her in the Tower. Finishing these Bounties will get you Key Fragments as a reward. You will only have access to these Bounties after you complete the first couple of steps of Eva’s quest.

Your most common source of Key Fragments will be from playing the game. Public Events, Strikes, Gambit matches, the Crucible, etc. should all net you a solid supply of Key Fragments. The most I got in one activity was 17 from a Crucible match, which was a nice surprise.

As with all things in Destiny 2, if you want to clear activities quickly, and earn a lot of keys in a short amount of time, them make sure you team up with friends. Full Fireteams can get more work done, in less time than most lone Guardians.