Fortnite Chapter 2 – The Best Place To Search Seven Ammo Crates In One Game

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Fortnite Chapter 2 has all kinds of challenges, some of them a little easier than others. While searching seven ammo crates in a single match doesn’t seem too hard, it is all about finding the right place to search for them. Land in the right spot and this one will be finished up in no time at all.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – The Best Place To Search Seven Ammo Crates In One Game

The best place to head for to do this challenge quickly is Sweaty Shores. You can see it on the map above, located in a bay to the northwest. When you drop in, you should notice a very tall apartment building on the east side of the town.

Land on the roof, then grab whatever loot is up there, and work your way down, apartment by apartment. This building has ammo crates everywhere, and you should be able to wrap it up before you reach the ground floor. It also doesn’t seem to be a bustling area, so you should have plenty of peace while you try to grab them all.

If you reach the bottom, and there were not enough ammo crates, or you missed some, check the surrounding buildings. They all contain some ammo crates, and you will have this challenge wrapped up just a couple of minutes after landing. If you do run into any enemies, there are plenty of spots to hide in, if you want just to let them pass and focus on the challenge. You can, of course, take them out, then go back to hunting the ammo crates.

And there you go, an accessible location to finish up the “search seven ammo crates in one match” quickly and easily! Best of luck with the rest of your challenges! If you need some help, we have plenty of guides, like how to find the Hidden O, and how to hide inside of hideouts, to help you with those challenges as well.