Destiny 2 – What Is The Prismatic Taken In The European Aerial Zone

A worthwhile enemy?

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

The Solstice of Heroes arrived in Destiny 2 yesterday. With it came the European Aerial Zone (EAZ). You can play in the EAZ to kill mini-bosses, then a big boss, collecting lots of loot. While you are doing this, you might get a message advising you to kill the Prismatic Taken. In this guide, we will run through what that entails, and whether you should do it or not.

What Is The Prismatic Taken?

The Prismatic Taken can arrive at any time during your run through the European Aerial Zone. It consists of a main yellow bar Taken, accompanied by some lesser Taken enemies. You get a message on the screen that reads like a Public Event message, advising that the Prismatic Taken has arrived alongside a timer. The mission here is to kill the yellow-bar Taken before the time runs out.

The Prismatic Taken is worth killing. From what I can tell, it does not count as a miniboss, so it doesn’t add an extra loot chest to the last portion of the mode. It drops an orb on death that gives you a fully charged Elemental status.

  • Equip your Solar subclass and weapons to generate Solar orbs. Then, collect them from wielding their Solar elemental power. While empowered, Guardians emit a burning wave of energy that damages anything around them.
  • Equip your Void subclass and weapons to generate Void orbs. Then, collect them from wielding their Void elemental power. Crouch while empowered to become invisible and gain Truesight plus enhanced ability regeneration.
  • Equip your Arc subclass and weapons to generate Arc orbs. Then, collect them from wielding their Arc elemental power. While empowered, Guardians move with enhanced speed and deal more significant melee and Sword damage.

As such, if it appears while killing mini-bosses, you are better off just hunting the mini-bosses. If it arrives while fighting the boss, then you might want the buff. It is really up to you as to whether you feel he is worth hunting.

You should also keep in mind that you will only be giving a rough location for them, and they will not be marked on the screen until you are quite close. The message will mention an area such as The Ruins, and you’ll need to figure out where that is. The Ruins is pretty apparent, as it is all the destroyed buildings just near the center of the map. Some of the spots will not be so obvious, and it might take a couple of rounds to learn them all.

And that’s it. So far, the Prismatic Taken seems to be just a little add-on to the EAZ and the Solstice event. If, of course, a weird secret of a piece of loot ends up being in it, I will let you know.