Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator codes (April 2021)

It’s a hard life.

Sometimes the best work you can do is the simple work, and in Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator, it’s all about cutting grass. You use your lawnmower to cut down miles of grass to leave behind a clean field. The more lawns you mow, the more money you make, and the better equipment you can purchase to handle bigger, tougher jobs.

How to redeem Lawn Mowing Simulator codes

To redeem any of the codes you want to use in the game, click the right side of your screen where it says “codes.” Once you click the icon, a new pop up will appear, and you can type in any of the codes you want to turn in. There are several pets for you to add to your collection.

Active Lawn Mowing Simulator codes

  • superfavorites: 525k Favorites Slims Pet
  • ty4favs450k: 500k Favorites Slime Pet
  • Cybertime: Cyber Slime Pet
  • Daisytime: Daisy the Florist
  • Flowerpower: Sunflower pet
  • Jimboishere: Jimbo the Farmer
  • Manylikes250k: Slime Pet (250k)
  • Manylikes275k: Slime Pet (275k)
  • Partyslime: Party Slime
  • Pinky: Pink Slime
  • Tweetybird2020: Bird mount
  • Ty4favs450k: Slime Pet (450k)