Bro Rescue Simulator Codes (February 2024)

If you’re looking to make serious gains so you can save your bros in Bro Rescue Simulator there’s no faster way to do it than with codes.

A digital brightly colored building in the style of an Asian palace. There are three floating easter eggs in garish colors.
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Updated February 1, 2024

Looked for the latest codes!

Are you looking to rescue some of your bros in a hurry? Look no further than this list of active Bro Rescue Simulator codes.

In life, there’s a time for hard work… and there’s a time to cheat. With the safety of your bros on the line, this is the latter. This is no time to be messing around trying to do things the “right” way. This is the time to cut some corners so you can rescue your bros as fast as possible! And that is where cheats come in. 

Bro Rescue Simulator is one of the many entertaining Simulator games available on Roblox. In this game by OH_OH, you train and gain strength so that you can defeat foes (usually creepy human heads coming out of toilets) and punch through walls to free your trapped bros. The game progresses faster as you gain strength, and you can collect cute pets as well. 

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A digital easter egg in a gold and red pointed geometric pattern. It has little gold devil horns. The egg is against a background of gameplay.
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Active Bro Rescue Simulator Codes (November 2023)

See below for our complete list of currently active cheat codes for Bro Rescue Simulator on Roblox

  • OH_OH – 1,000 strength
  • JK36DY – 1,000 strength
  • JK58DY – 1,000 strength
  • JK50DY – 1,000 strength
  • JK51DY – 1,000 strength
  • JK52DY – 1,000 strength
  • JK53DY – 1,000 strength
  • UYO563 – 2,000 strength
  • WX88FO – 113 wins
  • WX91FO – 116 wins
  • WX92FO – 117 wins
  • WX62FK – 10 wins
  • WX63FK – 11 wins
  • WX64FK – 12 wins
  • WX65FK – 13 wins
  • GJU66 – Uncommon Pet
  • KKK – Legendary Pet
  • BZ116DY – 1 potion
  • BZ107DY – 1 potion

How To Redeem Bro Rescue Simulator Codes

Redeeming codes for Bro Rescue Simulator is very simple. On the right side of the screen, you will see a small white circular button with a blue checkmark badge and the word “Code” along the bottom. It is next to the Settings button. If you click the button, a box will open where you can input your code of choice. Hit “Claim” to collect your rewards.

Remember to double-check how you’ve typed the codes, as they are case-sensitive.

A pop-up box in blue, lavender, and gold with text that reads, "Code. Join discord and follow twitter @OhOhstudio54509 to get code. Enter code here. Claim." There is a background of cheerfully colored gameplay, but nothing is happening.
Image Via OH_OH

How To Get More Bro Rescue Simulator Codes

Other than keeping an eye on Gampur, your best bet for getting the most up-to-date codes for Bro Rescue is to follow the developer. Conveniently, their Discord and X (formerly Twitter) handle is listed in the code box itself. If you follow, you will be notified when new codes for the game drop. 

One Last Tip

While we can agree that hard work is overrated and cheat codes are the best, free in-game gifts are nothing to sneeze at. Bro Rescue Simulator offers several in-game gifts and daily bonuses to players, which can be easily redeemed by clicking the big red present in the game below the Code button. 

With that, you should now know everything you need to instantly make some major gains and start rescuing your bros.