Every Occult Sim You Can Make In The Sims 4 Ranked

It’s undeniable that some Sims 4 occult Sims are better than others. This list ranks them from worst to best.

A Sims vampire and a Sims werewolf engage in an intense battle to be ranked #1 on this list.

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Occult Sims: you either love them or you hate them, but everyone can agree that some are better than others. The real question is, which are the best, and which aren’t quite as interestesting to play as?

While there are certain supernatural Sims you can encounter while player or build a character as (including ghosts, Servo, and plant Sims) this ranking will only discuss occult Sims a player can make in Create A Sim. If you are looking to infuse a little magic into your game, and perhaps invest in a new expansion pack, this guide will give you an indication of where to start.

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A dolphin converses with a red haired, dark skinned, mermaid in a highly reflective ocean.
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While the world of Sulani from the Island Living expansion pack is fun and interactive, the mermaids are a touch underwhelming.

Mermaids are visually stunning, especially in Create A Sim (the only place you will be able to see them), but offer little in the way of gameplay perks. The Create A Sim options for Mermaids are frustratingly limited, but the options they have are good and can be styled to fit many different aesthetics. Unfortunately, a Sim’s mermaid form is only visible while they are swimming, and mermaids tend to feel a bit out of place outside of Sulani—even more so than other occult Sims.

There is no power-gaining mechanism for mermaids, so all mermaid abilities are granted upon the creation of a mermaid Sim. While it is nice to have extra features available right away, there isn’t much incentive to delve into the mermaid lifestyle. Mermaid powers are also limited, both in selection and in how players can use them.


A purple alien uses her mind reading powers on an unexpecting Sim.
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Aliens were an early occult addition to The Sims 4 and made aliens playable in new and creative ways. While their Create A Sim features are the most limited of all the occult sims, they do have a fun feature that no other option offers – your alien’s standard form is their occult form, while their alternate form has the appearance of a “normal” human Sim. Your alien can also change the appearance of their human form at any time by selecting Alter Disguise. This allows you to make changes to their looks just like in Create A Sim.

Like mermaids, you cannot advance alien powers. Abilities include reading a targeted Sim’s mind and learning their traits, allowing you to avoid spending time befriending townies only to discover they have the Kleptomaniac trait when they snatch your Sim’s TV. Your alien also comes with the ability to wipe a Sims memory, which feeds into a particularly fun bit of gameplay.

Aliens are very well integrated into regular gameplay, and frankly a little underrated. Your alien naturally wants to hide their true nature, and if another Sim discovers the truth it will negatively affect their relationship. It’s almost like you’re playing as a little intergalactic spy. If you get found out by a Sim, you can just erase their memory.


A blue haired, cheerful, spellcaster works a magic spell that glitters around him.
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Spellcasters are capable of truly impressive feats – but somehow, they’re just a little boring. They have no second form to experiment with in Create A Sim and a lot of grinding is required before a Sim can us any of those impressive abilities. Additionally, none of your Sim’s everyday functions are altered as a spellcaster.

While spellcasters have a wide variety of powers to access, perhaps more options than any other occult Sim, there isn’t much motivation to start unlocking them due to the lack of descriptions around the Sim’s abilities. However, some of these powers and potions are incredibly powerful, and a particularly skilled spellcaster can even raise the dead.

There are mentors for every branch of magic, but they require some buttering up before they will share their trade secrets. Brooms and familiars are great perks for spellcasters, they are bought at a magical market rather than unlocked through training. 


A pale werewolf in ripped clothes screams into the night as a long string of drool falls out of his mouth and a red glow or rage is around him.
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Werewolves have possibly the most involved occult character design in The Sims 4. The developers clearly took a page out of the pet design handbook, and you can fully customize the pattern of your werewolves’ fur.

When starting with a new character, there isn’t much you can do as a werewolf. You are given two perk points to spend right away, and without them, you would essentially have a regular Sim until the first full moon. However, there are several very funny socials you can do right off the bat. Werewolves have unique interactions available with dogs and several special aggressive socials they can do towards vampires. They can also badmouth vampires to anyone they meet.

This pack commits to the werewolf/vampire rivalry, and with hilarious results. Your werewolf Sim will start with significant negative relationship points with any vampire they meet, even ones in their household. The Supernatural Smackdown interaction (a werewolf vs. vampire fangfight) is easily the most entertaining occult fight in the entire game.


A dark haired vampire Sim uses his hypnotic powers on an unsuspecting dark haired sim in a purple jacket.
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Vampires are just fun to play in The Sims 4. They have great design options in Create A Sim, which allow you to make your vampire as scary, or deceptively friendly, as you like. They also have a variety of fangs available to choose from.

Vampire powers are also very well integrated into regular gameplay. The thirst and vampire energy meters force players to interact with their vampire’s powers and, in the process, start to level up. Additionally, it is impossible to forget that your Sim is a vampire due to the aforementioned thirst meter and the fact that your vampire cannot go out in the sunlight. If you want your vampire to be able to go out during the day, you will have to work on leveling them up.

Vampires also come with some unique socials. Vampire powers are varied and encourage players to commit to a style of gameplay where they either work hard to become as human as possible or embrace their dark side and prey on their fellow Sims. Vampire powers allow Sims to travel quickly, enter their neighbor’s homes, and influence the emotions of a target Sim. Even a brand-new vampire feels actively different than playing as a non-occult Sim.

While picking which occult to play in The Sims 4 largely depends on preference and gameplay style, every option has something unique to offer. Hopefully, the wide variety of perks, powers, and playthrough options will keep each story interesting for players who choose to shake things up with these special species.