What does the Ritual Pot do Elden Ring

How do you use it?

Image via Bandai Namco

The Ritual Pot is a key item you can acquire in Elden Ring. The item’s description makes it a little confusing, and its exact use is not a straightforward one. You might be taken aback by it, and it’s easy to think it might have a higher purpose. Here’s what you need to know about what a Ritual Pot does in Elden Ring.

When you acquire a Ritual Pot, the description reads, “Container required for crafting ritual pot items.” While not entirely clear, and because developers FromSoftware are known to speak pretty plainly, it means exactly what it says in the description. There are recipes you’ll pick up throughout your time playing Elden Ring that can only be crafted inside of a Ritual Pot. Even though you have all of the ingredients in your inventory, without the Ritual Pot, you can’t make the item.

Think of the Ritual Pot as the base where all of the ingredients go into it, and then you can while playing the game. You can create as many items as you need using a Ritual Pot, but because it’s a key item, it doesn’t go away. It allows you to craft any item that you learn while exploring the Lands Between without using it. The item will sit in your inventory and only serve to help you with your crafting. For example, the Beastlure Pot can only be created with a Ritual Pot. The more Ritual Pots you hold, the more Ritual Pot items you can make at a time.