Destiny 2 Lightfall is headed to Neptune and the capital city of Neomuna

Enter the neon.

Image via Bungie

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During the Destiny 2 showcase, Bungie revealed the Lightfall destination called Neomuna, a city that lived through the Collapse and will be central to the conflict of the new story campaign and wider expansion. The city itself is a cyberpunk metropolis and the capital city of Neptune. Rather than being a ruin or a reconstructed settlement, Neomuna lived through the collapse and has spent the last several centuries since the Collapse advancing technologically.

The destination is bathed in a cyberpunk neon, the kind you would expect to exist in humanity’s future, especially one predicted by the science fiction of our present. It has arcades, malls, and other modern spaces Destiny has never seen before. There’s also tons of verticality, taking traversal in a brand new direction.

Neomuna has its own set of protectors as well, called the Cloudstriders, Neptune natives who, rather than being chosen to protect their home by some paracausal entity, chose to take up arms in service to their home. Guardians will be turning to them to learn more about how to navigate Neomuna and discover the city.

Guardians will be using a new Darkness ability called Strand, which comes with a grappling hook power allowing new and exciting ways to navigate not only Neomuna but the rest of the game as well. It appears that Strand allows maneuvering without specific hook-points throughout each map, as it can grapple onto empty air.

Lastly, the new foe we’ll face is actually an old one: Calus, former Emperor of the Cabal and now the Harbinger of the Witness, augmented by that entity themselves. He brings doom to Neptune’s neon-washed city with powers we’ve never seen before, including Tormentors with the ability the drain Light and life. Using Strand to manipulate the threads of thought energy throughout the universe, you’ll be able to explore the world of Destiny in so many new ways.