Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Road of Sacrifices, Halfway Fortress and Crystal Sage

Road of Sacrifices

After defeating Curse-Rotted Greatwood of Undead Settlement, it's time to head back to Firelink Shrine once you lit the Bonfire. Get back there and talk to everyone you freed during the mission. Each will give you some keys or special items to help you upgrade your character. Once you are done upgrading your Player we can move towards the next section of the story - Road of Sacrifices.

Road of Sacrifices

Road of Sacrifices

After talking to all the NPCs, we need to head back to the area where we fought the Frost Knight and then open the Door to start this quest. Firstly, head right and Lit the Bonfire and move ahead where you will encounter a strange Money with wings and he is too dangerous to attack. Take him down keep moving forward until you see a bunch of those coming from the Leader. Kill them all as they will be on your secondary target in this quest. Soon you will be reaching the second Bonfire which will make the path more easy for you.  

Halfway Fortress

You will be meeting new NPCs near the Bonfire soo do talk to them and listen to what they have to say. Now head down and after the warning from the NPCs, you must be extra careful down here, the enemies look like zombies who carry some Branch with them and attack from range, so be careful. Just keep following the signs and you will come across a big scary Crab. This King Crab is too fast to tackle so try to attack him from range and take him down as soon as possible.

Once you are done taking down the King Crab you must keep moving forward where you see a Buildings and here are the two most deadly creatures with that Signboard on their back. Hit them one by one or they will kill you instantly. Later you will come across the Swamp again where you see smaller crabs which are an easy takedown. Get across the Swamp and enter the castle where dozens of enemies will show up. So Take them all and then head Upstairs. Explore it to the Right side until you see the Boss.

Crystal Sage

This Boss doesn't have a loot of health but still you need to be worried as he cast some spells, purple laser beam and purple projectiles. So get ready to fight, firstly you must know to locate him fast as he will teleport each time you hit him. You can see the Blue Crystals spawning which means he is going to reappear. Once you Drain his health down to 50% he will start calling the backup and now you need to fight Sage as well as his clones.

The Clones acts same like him so you must figure out them and take them first to clear the mess. Now that the Clones are gone focus completely on Sage and take him down. Once he is down you will be getting Soul of the Crystal Sage, now go lit the Bonfire and save your progress. Thus completing the Walkthrough and will continue with the next Part - Cathedral of the Deep, till then you can check out our Dark Soul 3 Wiki Guide to know more about the game and walkthrough.

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