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Defeat Valkyrie Boss Tips

Valkyries in God of War are among the toughest one to defeat. There are in total 9 Valkyries in the game. The first thing you have to do is find them. You can read our All 9 Valkyries Locations Guide, for locating them. You will need the Chisel because six of them are in a hidden chamber. The Chisel will be available only after you played The Magic Chisel Chapter. Valkyries are strong opponents, and defeating them is not easy. In this guide, you can get some really helpful tips on dealing with them.

Defeat Valkyrie Boss Tips

Tips To Defeat Every Valkyrie Boss

Get the Highest-Level Armor

Valkyries will cause a ton of damage in their attacks, they are fast and has a huge health bar. So it is necessary to have the best armor when you are in the fight. Having a good armor gives you time in the combat. You can absorb more damage and stay in action. Minimum Level 6 is required once you begin your battle, and gradually upgrade yourself to Level 9 before you face the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun. Also, upgrade your gears each before you start your fight.


Focusing on getting more Health or spending on equipment that contributes to your health will play a vital role in keeping you alive. For example, locating all 9 Idunn Apples will help you to increase your health meter. Next, come the Gears and enhancements, even some Runic attacks can restore your health in the fight. You can craft Ivaldi's armor in Niflheim as it restores health in a small amount. Once you upgrade the Armor to Level 8 you get more Enhancement slots.  Apollo Heavy Runic attack will also restore some health against damage. Atreus Runic Vestment armor for getting more Health stones.

Focus On High-Damage Runic Attacks

In many places in God of War, you will get Light and Heavy Runic attacks. Focus on one that offers you the highest amount of damage. Picking the right one before you start your fight will really make the difference. Using a good Runic attack will help you to cause higher damage and also it can get a Valkyrie to drop a Health Stone.

Carry a Resurrection Stone

Resurrection Stones are special items in God of War. You must always equip one before battle. There are three types Simple, Superior and Berserker. You can buy them from the shop by paying Hacksliver. Resurrection Stone at some point will help you a lot in the game. For example purple Legendary Resurrection Stone offer you the low amount of health but it will fill your Spartan Rage.

Don't Waste Spartan Rage

Spartan Rage allows you to cause a high damage but it has a cool-down time. So don't just waste it, because a Valkyrie can interrupt your attack. So always pick a time when you can cause the highest amount of damage. It also restores a small amount of health.

Use Atreus To Stun Enemies

Valkyries have powerful attacks, some of the will be airborne, at this point using Atreus to stun enemies will help you a lot. By using the stun arrows you can disrupt their attacks and you get a window to cause high damage.

Pro Tips

Every Valkyrie battle will be different, so below are some Pro Tips that sums up the above tips along with a few additional ones.

  • Start only if you are at or above Level 6. 
  • Wait back and doge the attacks, try to find the right time to attack.
  • Carrying a resurrection stone is like an extra chance for you. 
  • A lot of air-base attacks are unblockable, look for red-ring, the best thing is to use Atreus arrows to stun the enemy.
  • A shield is a useful defensive way to block Valkyrie's attack. 
  • If Atreus is unable to block the red and gold ring attacks, dodge them at all cost. 
  • Valkyrie shouts Valhalla before unleashing a powerful attack, start rolling around to escape it.

The above tips will guide you in taking down the Valkyrie, one more thing you can focus on the pattern of attacks. Ample of them things will be repeated, this will help you to dodge and escape without losing much of your health. For more similar guides on the game, you can read our God of War Wiki guide.

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