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American Distillation Walkthrough

In the previous mission The Course of True Love, Arthur helped Beau in delivering his gift to the woman he is in love with. To trigger the next mission American Distillation, you will have to pay visit to Sheriff’s office in Rhodes. Dutch somehow made Sheriff to drink off a lot of liquor and convinced him to deputize himself and Arthur.

American Distillation Walkthrough

American Distillation Walkthrough

For earning a gold medal in this part of the game you will have to win the race at the camp. Try to complete the mission without taking any damage and get around 10 headshots. The final requirements to complete this objective with around 70% accuracy.

Illegal Distilleries | American Distillation

Sheriff Gray will tell you about some illegal distilleries producing moonshine nearby the area which is run by Braithwaite’s. Ride with Archibald on a wagon. Dutch will follow you, Archibald will tell you about the Braithwaite’s. They ran a profitable cotton club, but after abolishment of slavery they shifted to moonshine business for money. Archibald will stop the wagon near a destroyed carriage. Inspect that and you will find Leymone Raiders are behind this.


Return to the wagon and now you will drive it.  Keep following the mini-map till you reach your destination. Draw out your weapon and then follow Archibald.

Know Out Moonshiners In Stealth| American Distillation

Stay crouch and keep following Archibald and Dutch will advice to split and take a different root. You can pick from Left or Right. Move quietly from the left, you have to stay hidden. You cannot kill the moonshiners, you have to knock them out. Walk quietly and follow Bill. Once you spot a moonshiner you will have a choice to let Bill go first or Take the Lead. If you are unsure about the knockout let Bill do it.


Another way to quietly knocking the enemies is using lasso and kicking them for a knockout. Look around properly, if you are going from left then you will find one on cart, and next you will have to cross the bridge. Crouch and walk, you will see Dutch and Archibald have their targets. Cross the bridge and turn right, look for a shed with barrels around. Go behind the enemy and hit the Takedown button to tie him. Carry the moonshiner and walk towards your horse.

Destroy The Distillery | American Distillation


You will have to destroy the distillery, place the dynamite and ignite it. Run away as fast as possible. Or you can place the dynamite on a place where you can see and shoot it with a rifle. After hearing the explosion sound more Raider will appear and they will attack. Follow the red line on the mini map that will take you to the south side of the camp. You have to fight the Raiders here. Shoot the enemies, for Gold medal you will need 10 head-shots with 70% accuracy.

After killing all loot the bodies and then return to Dutch. In the custscene you will see the Archibald will try to take the moonshine but he will change his mind. He will take one jug and leave the place. Dutch will decide to return to the camp.

Race With Dutch | American Distillation

Dutch will ask for a race, Accept Race to trigger the objective. You will have to win the race to get the Gold Medal. Race on the open grounds avoid getting into the trees that will reduce our speed. Follow the yellow link back to the camp and the mission is over.

The next mission you can check is Advertising, the new American Art. To begin this mission locates Abigail at the camp. For similar guides, tips and updates on the game do have look on our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide.

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