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Advertising, the new American Art Walkthrough

Arthur and Dutch played a small game of being deputy for a short while in the last mission American Distillation, where they hunted down a distillery and robbed some moonshine. In the next main mission Advertising, the new American Art you have to talk to Abigail. She will tell you to meet Hosea who plans to sell the moonshine liquor back to Braithwaite family.

Advertising, the new American Art Walkthrough

Advertising, the new American Art Walkthrough

In the mission to earn gold you will need to get 5 head-shot of Lemoyne Raiders in the saloon with around 90% accuracy and don’t take any health items.

Talk To Hosea | Advertising, the new American Art

Talk to Abigail at the camp, she will tell you to meet Hosea. Ride to Hosea’s location where you will find him standing near the wagon of moonshine. Hosea will suggest taking the moonshine to its real owners Braithwaite’s. Follow the yellow line on the map and take the wagon to the plantation.

Deliver the moonshine to Braithwaite Manor | Advertising, the new American Art


Hosea will handle the guards and later they will allow you to pass the gate. Drive towards the house and you will see a old lady in the cutscene. She will agree on 50-cent a bottle and tell Hosea to take back the mooonshine to Rhodes saloon and distribute it for free.

Rhodes Saloon | Advertising, the new American Art


Drive towards the saloon, and take out the liquor from the back of the wagon. Follow Hosea, once he stops walk right and take the first left. You will be in the bar. Hosea will pitch the gentlemen in the bar to try out the drink. You will have to now serve the people. Press L to raise glass, R to raise Bottle and then X to service the liquor. After a short while you will see the entire town is drunk and enjoying the evening.


Things won’t be the same, Lemonyne Raiders will barge in the saloon and accuse Hosea of stealing the liquor. This will trigger a arm fight, shoot the raiders. To earn Gold you will need to get 5 head-shots with 90% accuracy and avoid taking any health items. The raiders will be all around the bar, stay in the place where you are. You can easily use Dead Eye to lock the raiders and shoot them down. After killing all downstairs, Hosea will shout for help, go upstairs and help him. Follow Hosea and keep on shooting the raiders in your way.

Without clearing the path Hosea will not move ahead, one of the raider will push Hosea down the balcony. Jump down in the wagon and drive away. Now you will be shooting the men on horses. They will chase you down, before they reach your wagon shoot them down. Use a rifle here. Just keep shooting the raiders till Hosea drives you to safety.

The mission is over once you are able to get rid of the raiders, Hosea will talk about visiting the old lady once again to sort out things between them. The next mission you can go with is A Honest Mistake. For this mission you will have to find Molly at the camp.

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