Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 - Where To Find Basketball Hoops


One of this week’s challenges in Fortnite is demanding that we get athletic. You need to sink some baskets in five different basketball hoops scattered around the map. A fun challenge, but awkward, as you’ll need to pull this one off while not getting shot. You’ll need to know where you can find these basketball hoops, and we have you covered with a map below. Don’t run off too quickly though; this challenge has another step that you need to achieve before you can do it.

Where To Find Basketball Hoops

Basketball Hoop Locations
Basketball Hoop LocationsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The map above shows the locations of various hoops in the game. An important note for this challenge, you need access to the Basketball which is Tier 11 of the battle pass! If you haven’t managed to hit Tier 11 yet, do other challenges until you unlock it, then hit up the various hoops scattered around the map and sink yourself some baskets. Remember, you only need to get five of them, so you should be able to wrap this one up pretty quickly after you hit Tier 11.

As always, be careful while you try and wrap this one up, you are going to make for a tempting target for people who are hunting kills. There are more than a few players out there who will stalk these areas, looking to finish off other challenges. A nefarious player might see it as a prime opportunity to finish up that Sniper Rifle kills challenge. You certainly wouldn’t be that sort of person, after you have gotten the five hoops you need! If you do go down the dark path of ambushing people while they play basketball, at least be nice and let them get one in the hoop first.

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