Destiny 2 - How to Delete Shaders in Bulk

Master Rahool

Deleting shaders has been a pain in the you-know-what since the very beginning of Destiny 2 as players were forced to remove unwanted shaders one at a time. Destiny 2: Forsaken alleviates this problem slightly be allowing Guardians to delete shaders five at a time, thus cutting down the time required to clean house a little bit.

How to Recycle Shaders

Since Destiny 2: Forsaken introduced Collections, allowing Guardians to quickly re-purchase any shader they want, it only made sense to call the process of bulk deleting shaders “recycling.” The challenge for new Guardians looking for this functionality is figuring out just how to delete shaders in bulk.

The option to delete shaders five at a time is not present in your shaders inventory, as you might have thought. In Bungie’s ultimate wisdom, they decided to give the added responsibility of Shader Recycling to Master Rahool, the Tower’s Cryptarch.

Destiny 2 - How to Delete Shaders in Bulk
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When you visit Master Rahool, you’ll see the new Shader Recycling menu on the default screen. Here you can decide which of your many shaders to recycle. Doing so will delete five of that particular shader from your inventory. Why it’s only five at a time, I’ll never understand, but I’m sure Bungie thinks they have a logical reason for that choice.

Another mind-boggling choice is that you can’t easily see how many shaders you have by visiting Master Rahool. Instead of having a nice overlay with the number of shaders on hand, as you see in the Shaders Inventory screen, you’ll have to hover over each shader to see how many you have cluttering up your backpack. Again, I don’t understand why this choice was made, but I trust Bungie will improve upon this process in Year 3. Yes, I’m slightly bitter about this.

Now that you know how to delete shaders in bulk, you can find many other guides to assist your Guardian on his path to redeem Cayde-6’s untimely demise in our Destiny 2 Guide Hub.

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