Warframe - How To Do Corrosive Damage, Complete The Meltdown Challenge

Corrosive Damage

Today's Daily Nightwave Challenge in Warframe has you working on getting kills with Corrosive damage. Corrosive damage is a secondary elemental damage type that can be achieved by combing two primary damage types. You do this by using mods on your weapon, and it is a pretty easy challenge to wrap up. Corrosive damage will permanently degrade a targets armor by 25%, making heavily armored units much easier to kill. This effect also stacks, with further corrosive damage reducing the new armor value by 25% each time. 

How To Do Corrosive Damage

Corrosive Damage

To get Corrosive damage on your weapon, you need to combine a mod that does Electrical damage, and a mod that does Toxin damage in the same build. Once you do this, the mods will combine to do Corrosive damage, as shown in the image above. There are several weapons in the game that do innate Corrosive damage, and while it is easier just to use mods to finish this Challenge, it is always helpful to know which weapons have built-in Corrosive damage, as this can then be increased by using the Electrical and Toxin damage mods.

  • Scourge 
  • Stug 
  • Synapse 
  • Tysis 
  • Cautacyst

This is pretty easy to Challenge to do, as you only need to get 150 kills with Corrosive damage. Just apply the Electrical and Toxin mods to your weapon of choice, load into a mission, and the kills will come pretty quickly! Best of luck, Tenno!

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