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The best Steflos shotgun build in Warframe (2023)

Literal bang for your buck.

The Steflos Shotgun is a hard-hitting Primary weapon that players can wield in Warframe. It was introduced in Citrine’s Last Wish, and is one of Citrine’s signature weapons. It fires a blast of energy instead of ballistic projectiles and specializes in traveling through large swaths of enemy forces. This guide will show you the best Steflos shotgun build in Warframe.

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The best build for Steflos in Warframe

The Steflos shotgun, like its partner in crime, the Corufell heavy scythe, has a good innate critical and status chance. It also has innate Heat and deals Impact damage. With these facts in mind, this is the build we suggest you use with this weapon.

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  • Galvanized Savvy – Increase status chance on kill and damage per status effect.
  • Galvanized Hell – Multishot on kill is increased and stacks four times.
  • Frigid Blast – Increase cold damage and status chance.
  • Primed Point Blank – Increases base damage.
  • Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation – Converts secondary ammo pickups to primary ammo.
  • Scattering Inferno – Increases heat damage and status chance.
  • Shell Shock – Increase Electricity and Status chance.
  • Toxic Barrage – Increases toxin damage and status chance.
  • Vigilant Armaments – Increases multishot damage chance.

How to unlock Steflos in Warframe

This weapon can be earned in the Mirror Defense mode. Every five waves you survive will increase the chance of this weapon dropping as a reward. The Rania and Belric Crystal Fragments you earn by playing this mission allow you to buy them directly from Otak, located in the Necralisk hub. If you don’t want to grind, you can purchase it directly for 240 Platinum in the Market.

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