Warframe — How to farm Plastids (2023)

Plastid surgery.


Plastids are one of many resources needed to build many Frames and weapons in Warframe. New and veteran players alike will need Plastids if they hope to forge the large amount of gear that requires this rare resource. Learning how to amass Plastids will help you stay ahead of the crafting expenses building an arsenal will cost you. This guide will explain the best way to farm Plastids in Warframe.

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Where to find Plastids in Warframe

Plastids can be farmed on Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, and Eris. Newer players can head to any node on any of these planets, and they will be able to gather them up by killing enemies, destroying crates, and opening lockers. The best Warframes for farming this rare resource are Pilfering Strangledome with Khora or Desecrate with Nekros.

How to farm Plastids in Warframe

There are two primary methods for farming Plastids in Warframe. The first and more accessible option is to play Survival missions in the following nodes—the Stickney node on Phobos, the Palus node on Pluto, and the Piscinas node on Saturn. We will use Nekros and his Desecrate skill for this farm as the Warframe and skill you want to focus on.

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Desecrate will allow enemies to drop multiple items from their loot table when defeated. This ability, coupled with the extreme enemy density in Survival missions, is a great way to earn Plastids and a bevy of other resources and experience.

We suggest that you build Nekros with Flow and Streamline. This will allow you to cast Desecrate and significantly reduce how much energy it costs to maintain this group-wide buff. When the mission is underway, find a dead-end hallway, and prepare to defend the room with everything you have. We suggest using the Ginis flamethrower, as Infested enemies are vulnerable to fire. After you earn as many resources as you can take, ensure to exist the mission before you fail the objective, as you will lose all of the Plastids you just worked so hard to earn.

If you prefer a more relaxed farming experience, travel to the infested open world called Deimos. In the Cambion Drift environment, watch for orange canisters scattered across the land. These containers have a high chance of dropping a large amount of Plastids at a time, and they’re everywhere, making breaking them and collecting their goods a breeze. The image below will show you what a Rolizer Infested Cyst container looks like.

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If you want to earn a lot of Plastids quickly, you can purchase a Resource Booster in the Market for Platinum, doubling the amount of Plastids you earn with make pickup for a set time.