The best Corufell build in Warframe (2023)

Dual wield with one weapon.

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The Corufell is a heavy scythe melee weapon that doubles as a shotgun added in Citrine’s Last Wish Warframe update. This is a heavy two-handed scythe, and its dual firing modes can cause some headaches when trying to figure out a good build. This guide will break down this weapon’s innate strengths and give you the best Corufell build in Warframe.

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The best build for Corufell in Warframe

Corufell is a slow but powerful melee weapon, and its primary damage dealer is its heavy attack. The Corufell heavy attack causes the weapon to transform into a shotgun that can fire repeated blasts of heavy artillery. These are the Mods to look out for when using this weapon.

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Corufell has innate Heat, good critical, and status chance. This build takes advantage of these unique traits and doesn’t rely on a Riven Mod. This weapon doesn’t have a unique stance, so you must use three to four Forma to fit all of these Mods on the weapon.

  • Berserker Fury – On kill, increase its maximum attack speed for a set duration
  • Blood Rush – Critical hit chance scales with combo meter
  • Carnis Mandible – Provides increased Slash and Status
  • Condition Overload – Melee damage increases per damage status type
  • Fever Strike – Increases toxin damage
  • Organ Shatter – Increases critical hit damage
  • Sacrificial Pressure – Increased critical hit chance and damage to Sentients
  • Sacrificial Steel – Increases base weapon damage and damage to Sentients

We suggest that you pair this weapon with Citrine. It’s one of her signature weapons, and in her hands, it can transform from melee to shotgun much faster than it can in another Frame’s hands.

How to unlock Corufell in Warframe

The primary method to obtain this weapon is in the Mirror Defense mode. This mission can be found on the Tyana Pass node on Mars. This melee weapon can be purchased for 175 Platinum and requires Master Rank 8 to use.