Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Stats Explained - Enhancement Points And The Lab

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 allows you to build teams of heroes and take on hordes of enemies. It is a fun action game, that is also surprisingly deep. You can pick from a vast number of heroes, assign them skills, rank up those skills, and even use Enhancement Points in the Lab to apply passive buffs to your entire team.

In this guide, we will run the various stats you can buy in the Lab, and what exactly it is that they do. Before we get into that, a quick note about Enhancement Points. You earn these by leveling up characters, so it is definitely worth your while to try out lots of different heroes and level them up a bit.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Stats Explained

Stats Explained

Every time you reach one of the Avengers markers in the game, normally positioned between section so each level, you can access the Lab. The Lab allows you to use Enhancement Points to purchase passive bonuses that will apply to your entire team. If you want, you can focus on one area to open up the second tier of buffs that will provide even larger bonuses. I snapped up all the cheaper upgrades first because they are all critical. This should give me a solid basis on which to build any team, and I can then invest more Credits and Enhancement Points as I see fit later on.

  • Energy - Affects how much energy each character has to perform their special attacks.
  • Durability - Physical damage resistance.
  • Resilience - Energy and magic damage resistance. 
  • Vitality - How much health each character has.
  • Strength - Enhances physical damage dealt by your characters.
  • Mastery - Enhances magical and energy damage dealt by your characters. 

Attack Type

You will need to pay close attention to what kind of damage each of your characters abilities do. At the Avengers markers, you can go into the Team menu, then hit A on any character to check their info. Their abilities will be listed, and you will be able to see if it does physical damage or energy/magical damage. The Attack Type will denote this. It is best to build up a reasonably broad base of buffs in the lab, as you will constantly be changing out the team that you are running throughout the game. 

And that it's the basics of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's stats explained. It will boil down to a lot of trial and error, and experimentation, to decide what you want to build for the type of Teams you wish to use. 

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