Alan Wake 2: Release Date & Global Release Times

Alan Wake 2 launches at the end of October, but based on where they live, some fans might get to play it early.

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Image via Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 is the hugely anticipated sequel to what has become a cult classic title with a shared universe that now spans multiple games. Fans could not be more excited to play it.

However, it’s hard to keep track of when games are being released in 2023. There have been so many incredible launches and many more to follow as we head into the end of the year. Alan Wake 2 is poised to help players have the spookiest time at the scariest point in the year, and its global release times per country are even slightly scary to match.

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When is the Release Date for Alan Wake 2

Screenshot via Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 will be released on October 27, 2023. Those based in the right location might be able to play the game one day early, though. The game will see a simultaneous launch across all available platforms over the day, so no one is going to miss out on it. The only differences fans will notice are between regions and exact release times.

Thankfully, Alan Wake 2 hasn’t been plagued by significant delays since the date was announced, as many major releases in 2022 and 2023 have been. The developer put its priorities in order early on but is still planning on producing a Control sequel and Max Payne remakes later down the line after this title has shipped.

When are the Global Release Times for Alan Wake 2

The exact release time for Alan Wake 2 changes depending on which region a player is based. Thankfully, Remedy Entertainment has made a map of the game’s exact release times worldwide. We’ve outlined what all of these are below.

  • Los Angeles – October 26, 2023: 9 PM PT
  • New York – October 27, 2023: 12 AM EDT
  • Sao Paulo – October 27, 2023: 1 AM Brisalia ST
  • London – October 27, 2023: 5 AM BST
  • Berlin – October 27, 2023: 6 AM CEST
  • Helsinki – October 27, 2023: 7 AM EEST
  • Tokyo – October 27, 2023: 1 PM JST
  • Sydney – October 27, 2023: 3 PM AEDT
  • Aukland – October 27, 2023: 5 PM NZDT

What Platforms is Alan Wake Releasing For

Image via Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 will be released for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. However, there are no physical versions of the game. In fact, fans were quite cross with Remedy Entertainment for launching a collectible coffee thermos over pouring resources into a physical edition. Despite that lack of a copy to hold, players will still be able to access the game across all these platforms. They’ll just need to download the game from the relevant digital marketplace.