All Aguas Lindas FND Base locations in Far Cry 6

There are three bases to discover in Aguas Lindas. Here are their locations.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Outposts are a normal occurrence in Far Cry games. Far Cry 6 still has them, but instead of being called outposts, they are called FND Bases. These bases must be cleared of all the enemies inside before you can take them over. Here are all of them in Aguas Lindas.

Espinosa University

Screenshot by Gamepur

Espinosa University is located in the eastern half of the region on a peninsula. This area consists of a large building with a small courtyard in the center. Be careful while going from floor to floor because many of the hallways and staircases have tripwires that will cause explosions. Those who want to complete this area stealthily will want to destroy all three alarms across the area.

F.I. Escudo Steel Plant

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The F.I. Escudo Steel Plant is located in the southwestern section of the region and is filled with enemies. When coming up on this FND Base, keep an eye out for the sniper in the guard tower. Many of the enemies in this area (who aren’t taking a smoke break) have overlapping patrol routes. Be wary of this if you are trying to capture the base stealthily.

GDP Oil Platform

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The GDP Oil Platform is located off the western coast of the region. It is out in the water. Grab a boat or a helicopter to get out there easily. Try to take this base out stealthily. If reinforcements get called, you will have an onslaught of helicopters arrive. There are multiple points of entry from the water. The ladders will take you up to the higher platforms. We recommend using them to get to enemies faster.