All available attachments for STG44 in Call of Duty: Vanguard

The beginner weapon packs quite the punch.

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The STG44 is an assault rifle everyone starts out with in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Leveling it up all the way to Level 70 will give you many attachments and options to help it fit your style. Below is a list of all of the available attachments for the STG44, soldier. Choose wisely.

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Muzzles with the STG44 can help stabilize the weapon, increase the fire rate, and increase its accuracy. For stealth-related purposes, we recommend using the Maxim Silencer or the Quicksilver Silencer, but for offense, you should go for the Recoil Booster, which increases fire rate by a scale of two.

  • Scythe Compensator
  • Maxim Silencer
  • T1 Flash Hider
  • Recoil Booster
  • Quicksilver Silencer
  • Monitor Brake
  • F8 Stabilizer


Each barrel for the STG44 has its own uses. We wouldn’t recommend the VDD 320MM 02B as it reduces damage range and recoil control for just a better aim down sight speed, but the VDD 760MM 05B is highly effective in firefights with a reduced scope sway, increased damage range, and a more controllable shooting style.

  • VDD 320MM 02B
  • VDD 760MM 05B
  • Krausnick 220MM Rapid
  • Krausnick 620MM Precision


There are many, many options for optics with the STG44. While long-scoped optics sound like a great idea in concept, they should be avoided as the weapon is best used in short-to-mid ranged combat. It also has a high speed, which is best used in our preferred setting. We really like using the Zeiss G16 2.5X as it gives the best of both worlds. It’s effective in short-range conflicts while it can provide you enough sight to take out faraway opponents.

  • Nydar Model 47
  • Zeiss G16 2.5X
  • Slate Reflector
  • MK3 Sunfilter
  • K98 Scout 9X Telescopic
  • Monocular Reflector
  • M1913 Variable 4-8X
  • ZF4 3.5X Rifle Scope
  • ZF41 7.0X Telescopic
  • M38/Slate 2.5X Custom
  • M38 5.0X Telescopic
  • MK 3 Mod.2 Sunfilter
  • ZG 1229 Vampir
  • Spitfire MK.3 Reflector
  • 1229/Slate 3.25 Custom
  • SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6X
  • MK 18 Sunfilter
  • Mustang MK. 8 Reflector
  • Large Ironsights
  • Medium Ironsights


Like the scopes and barrel, each option drastically changes the weapon’s usability with the player. The Krausnick S11S Folding gives you a much better sprint to fire speed and movement options, while the VDD 34S Weighted stock provides a more accurate, but heavy option for those who like to skirmish in one spot rather than hovering around the map. For general usage of the STG44, we recommend the Krausnick S11S Folding.

  • Krausnick S11S Folding
  • Konstanz Tactical
  • Removed Stock
  • VDD 27 Precision
  • VDD 34S Weighted


From a melee option like the Bayonet to the more accurate bipod (while mounted), your usage of the STG44 will vary. If you’re in more close-quarters settings, the Bayonet can be a handy melee tool, but the M1930 Madson provides more accuracy and stability to the gun.

  • Carver Foregrip
  • M3 Ready Grip
  • Bipod
  • GF-59 Flashlight
  • SMLE Pistol Grip
  • M1930 Madson
  • Bayonet
  • MK6 Para
  • M1941 Handstop


By default, the base STG44 has a low ammo capacity, so it’s all-important to pick the right magazine for battle. The 8MM Kurz 45 Round Drums are a fantastic way to go as it drastically increases the ammo capacity despite a few minor movement setbacks. We find that the.30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags, while powerful, can deeply impact the accuracy of the gun as the recoil is way more unwieldy.

  • 7.62 Tokarev 30 Round Mags
  • .30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags
  • 8MM Kurz 45 Round Drums
  • .30 Russian Short 20 Round Mags

Ammo Type

For stealth, the subsonic ammo type is extremely effective and essential as it gives no minimap ping and no enemy skulls upon their death. However, the Frangible ammo type increases the flinching of enemies while hit and delays their healing. Frangible ammo is perfect for modes like Domination, in which players are defending a point as they have to wait to get healed. This gives you enough time for a full-on attack.

  • Subsonic
  • FMJ Rounds
  • Frangible
  • Armor Piercing
  • Incendiary
  • Bullet Velocity
  • Hollow Point

Rear Grip

Just like the optics, there are a lot of options available to you. If you want a quickfire weapon during intense battles, the Fabric Grip can give you increased aim down sight, sprint to fire, and hip fire recoil recovery. If you want more aiming stability with the gun, the granular grip provides that and increased aim walking steadiness and aim walking movement speed.

  • Rubber Grip
  • Taped Grip
  • Leather Grip
  • Fabric Grip
  • Grooved Grip
  • Hatched Grip
  • Bakelite Grip
  • Pine Tar Grip
  • Granular Grip
  • Stippled Grip


With the STG44, fast-paced combat is the name of the game. With that in mind, we recommend proficiencies like the low-level Pressure, (increased reload quickness while injured), Sleight of Hand (increases reload quickness with no side effects needed), and Focus (which reduces flinching).

  • Pressure
  • Acrobatic
  • Vital
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Focus
  • Sleight of Hand


For the STG44, which starts off with low ammo, you should equip loaded, giving you increased max starting ammo. Surplus is also a sweet way to boost your experience points per kill and will help you in the long run to get all the attachments you need that are blocked by your weapon’s progression.

  • Fast Melee
  • Reach
  • Surplus
  • Deep Breath
  • Fully Loaded
  • Defender
  • Heavy Hitter
  • On-Hand

In conclusion, you’ll want the STG44 to be faster and have more ammo available. In most Team Deathmatch scenarios, you have to be on your feet moving from place to place, so you don’t want to be tied down by a heavy weight. However, if you’re in a more tactical setting, trading more weight for better stability with your shots is a great move. We recommend you have two different loadouts for the STG44 if you are a fan of this starter gun.

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Keep in mind that its firepower is typically low and is best used for short-to-mid ranged combat scenarios. It is also a speedy gun so it’s fantastic at mowing down enemies in a rapid fashion. Just be aware that your bullets might run out faster than you might think. Good luck with your mission, soldier, and enjoy the STG44. It’s one of our favorite weapons, despite it maybe not being a top-tier gun in Call of Duty: Vanguard.