All Away Team and First Citizen locations in Solar Ash

You’re not the only outlander here.

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As you search for Voidrunner caches in the Mirrorsea, you may also come across wrecked ships and field reports. These are related to one of the three side quests in Solar Ash, and if you’re looking to find them all, we can help you do just that. Admiral Ames will certainly be happy you did.

You’ll meet Ames by default as you climb the ship debris on the way into the main part of the Mirrorsea. Upon meeting him in his ship, he’ll inform you that his away teams and his planet’s first citizen have all gone missing. Here’s where you’ll find them.

Away Team #1

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There’s a giant crashed ship in the Mirrorsea, and it has more than just an anomaly that needs clearing. Inside the wreckage are some alien bodies (get used to that), as well as a field report. Activate it and radio Ames to check this team off your list.

Away Team #2

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From the pavilion, look left toward the poisonous waterfalls. There’s a smaller wrecked ship over there. Head across the green waters and sandbars to reach it, and you’ll find another field report near some more alien bodies. Examine it to radio Ames again and check this one off.

Away Team #3

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This is probably the first Away Team you’ll find, but it’s considered the third. On your way to the main section of the Mirrorsea, you’ll be in a lower area with lots of poisonous waterfalls. There’s a rail flower right after a jump pad connected by two forking rails. Hit the rail flower off to the right and follow the sprouting rail to some cliffs. Scale them to find a wrecked ship near a broken dock — the field report is on the dock itself.

Away Team #4

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The last away team is very close to the first. On your way to the biggest wrecked ship, you used a rail flower. Return to it and send the rail the other direction, then grind over to the cliffs. Scale these via the black ooze to find another wreck atop a pillar. You guessed it — there’s another field report near some dead alien bodies.

The First Citizen

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After radioing Ames from all four team locations, he’ll mention he’s located the First Citizen beneath the pavilion. Head there to find a new hole in the floor, and follow the tunnel to a vault to see the conclusion of the quest.

You don’t get anything for completing this quest beyond Ames’ gratitude, but it’s still important to do. It counts toward the game’s 100% completion reward, which is pretty rad.