All Broom Upgrades and Prices in Hogwarts Legacy

To upgrade your Broom’s speed and flying capabilities in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to complete Broom Trials.

Albie Weekes and Broom Upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy

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Riding atop your magical Broom about the Highlands is a massive step up in traversal from exploring on foot in Hogwarts Legacy, and you can fly even faster if you save the Galleons for purchasing Upgrades. However, these Upgrades are not cheap, and neither can you acquire them straightaway. First, you must have completed “Jackdaw’s Rest,” a quest involving working with the ghost of Richard Jackdaw to discover the Map Chamber beneath the foundation of the academy. Afterward, you can attend the introductory Flying Class, during which Kagawa will allow you to practice the basics of flying a Broom.

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Upgrading Your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Speaking to Imelda for Race Trials and Buying Broom Upgrades from Albie in Hogwarts Legacy
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After completing your first Flying Class in Hogwarts Legacy, your classmate Everett will suggest you visit the Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade, a shop operated by the Broom salesman Albie Weekes. After buying one of his selections for 600 Galleons, you are ready to freely traverse the Highlands atop your own flying Broom. Once the transaction is complete, Albie will discuss his passion for developing Brooms’ flying capabilities by providing your Broom upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy. However, for this endeavor, he needs statistics, which you can provide by participating in Imelda Reyes’ three Broom Race Trials. 

These races are fairly easy to complete, requiring you to follow a fixed flight path on your Broom within a specific time frame. You do not need to fret over achieving perfection since the time limit is relatively forgiving, allowing you to make a few mistakes but still reach the goal in time. For instance, on the first Broom racing event, we missed several of the “floating speed-boost bubbles” but still managed to reach the finish line with a generous amount of time left. After clearing each Trial, you must report back to Albie with the race results. He will then send you on your way, asking that you come back later to purchase the Broom Upgrade in Hogwarts Legacy. 

For reference, below is a brief list of every Broom Upgrade price in Hogwarts Legacy, including the general prerequisites required to unlock each one. Keep in mind that progression advancement will vary from player to player, but clearing the main story quests is what primarily unlocks new quests from Albie and their corresponding Broom Trials.

  • Broom Upgrade I:
    • Costs 1,000 G
    • Complete the Quidditch Pitch Broom Trial.
    • Progress the Main Questline until the season changes to autumn.
  • Broom Upgrade II:
    • Costs 4,000 G
    • Complete the Hogwarts South Broom Trial at Irondale
    • Progress the Main Questline until the season changes to winter, which will vary but should be around when you clear “The Helm of Urtkot.”
  • Broom Upgrade III:
    • Costs 7,500 G
    • Complete the Coastal Broom Trial in southern Clagmare Coast.
    • Progress the Main Questline to reach “It’s All Gobbledegook,” after which Albie’s “The Sky is the Limit” should become available.