All Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific items that can be used in Vanguard Royale

Be ready to make some major changes to your favorite loadouts.

Image via Raven Software

With the modern-day Call of Duty: Warzone setting now dead and gone, Warzone Pacific looks to put a heavy emphasis on its World War II period. The biggest indicator of this is its Vanguard Royale mode which only allows players to have loadouts with weapons, gear, and machinery, primarily seen in the 1940s. This ultimately means that you’ll have to rework most of your classes, as several of Warzone’s past killstreaks, guns, and even grenades will be banned from Vanguard Royale — but can still be used in other modes

Most of the equipment that cannot be used in Vanguard Royale are more technically advanced. For instance, this includes popular items such as Claymores, Heartbeat Sensors, Sentry Guns, and of course, all Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War guns. However, these can be substituted for more basic weapons such as Throwing Knives, Stun and Flash Grenades, and all Vanguard-featured guns.

Here’s the full list of weapons, perks, and events that are eligible in Vanguard Royale:

  • Guns
    • All Vanguard-featured guns
  • Killstreaks
    • Cluster Strike
    • UAV
    • Advanced UAV
    • Precision Airstrike
  • Tacticals
    • Smoke Grenade
    • Stun Grenade
    • Flash Grenade
    • Gas Grenade
    • Medical Syringe
  • Lethals
    • Throwing Knife
    • C4
    • Molotov
    • Frag
  • Field Upgrades
    • Cash Deposit Ballon
    • Deployable Cover
    • Loadout Marker
    • Armor Box
    • Munition Box
    • Dead Silence
  • Public Events
    • Jailbreak
    • Fire Sale
    • Restock
    • Weapon Crates
    • Resurgence and Plunder (at a later date)
  • Perks
    • All Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard-featured perks

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