All classes and their locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Classes you actually will want to attend.

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With Hogwarts Legacy taking place in the wide area surrounding the school of witchcraft and wizardry, it is not that surprising that you would be stuck having to take some classes. Luckily, these are not your average boring courses in the real world but instead will teach your character a lot about the magical world around them. Here are all of the classes you will attend in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Every class location in Hogwarts Legacy


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Outside of meeting Amit, you won’t spend too much time in Astronomy. As you would expect, it is found at the Astronomy Tower Floo Powder fast travel point at the top of the Astronomy Wing.


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In Beasts class, you interact with creatures and learn how to feed and groom them. The class is located outside, nearby the Flying Class Lawn.


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Charms is an early class you will attend to learn the Accio spell from Professor Ronen and meet Natty in. You can find it under the Astronomy Tower in the Astronomy Wing.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

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Defense Against the Dark Arts will be your introduction to more offensive spells and has you take on Sebastian in a duel. Taught by Professor Hecat, you can find it in the corner of the school in the Astronomy Wing.


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Divination is handled by Natty’s mother, Professor Onai. Outside of doing an assignment for her and having a discussion in a side quest, you won’t spend too much time here. It is found up a ladder in the Library Annex.


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Your first time attending Madam Kogawa’s Flying Class will allow you to see the Hogwarts grounds from a much higher point of view. This and Beasts Class are the only two classes that take place outside.


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Herbology is a class focused on magical plants and taught by Professor Garlick. You will unlock the ability to use Mandrakes, Venomous Tentacula, and Chinese Chomping Cabbage. It is taught in the Greenhouses found in the Library Annex.


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As you might expect, you learn about making potions from Professor Sharp in Potions class. These will make you stronger in various areas, like turning your body to stone in combat to withstand more damage or healing yourself. It can be found in the Library Annex, opposite the way from the Greenhouses.


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Transfiguration is taught by Professor Weasley and is where you will learn the Transformation spell to turn enemies into harmless objects. It is found at the bottom of the Astronomy Wing.