Wearing Different Gear Outfits in Hogwarts Legacy
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The best outfits and gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Properly outfitting yourself in Hogwarts Legacy is more than simply wearing the Gear with the best stats, as clothing enhancement is vital.

While your student protagonist will gain XP and level up throughout your adventures in Hogwarts Legacy, the primary way you will bolster your combat capabilities is through outfit pieces and Gear. Unlike open-world RPGs like Elden Ring or The Witcher 3, Hogwarts Legacy is relatively lenient and even indulgent in its apparel offering and equipment accessibility. More specifically, almost every piece of Gear you discover is randomized but spawns with stats updated with your current level. The main exceptions would be cosmetic articles of clothing earned from Challenges, specific fixed Chests found during exploration, or certain quest rewards. Here is how to get the best outfits and gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Get the Best Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Buying Beast Materials from Indira to Use at the Loom in Hogwarts Legacy
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In other words, as long as you frequently don the highest-stat clothing in your inventory during your playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, you will always be wearing the “best” Gear and outfits the world has to offer. There is no early-game overpowered Gear in the Forbidden Forest or any late-game meta armor sets hidden in Clagmar Coast. Hogwarts Legacy is exceptionally accessible in its mechanics regarding adequately leveled loot, allowing you to effectively take down your foes in a variety of ways without adhering to any meta-focused procedures or Gear-centric builds. 

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On the other hand, there are several essential practices every Hogwarts Legacy student should frequently engage with to ensure your outfits and Gear are at their best. First, make sure to always look for “green-up arrows” whenever you loot a new piece of clothing or buy an outfit from the Gladrags Wizardwear in Hogsmeade. For instance, even if a Gear piece you obtained during Level 12 is Legendary, any apparel rarity you have at Level 17 or higher will be better in Offense and Defense stats than your older fit. Simply put, be sure to switch your equipment often with your newest apparel. 

Another vital tip to note is to frequently upgrade your best Gear in Hogwarts Legacy, especially if you plan on wearing it for an extended duration of playtime. You can conduct this enhancement procedure using the Loom in the Room of Requirement, which you will gain access to during the main questline. Using the Loom will not cost you Galleons but Beast Materials. These resources are obtained from rescuing and tending to Beasts within your Vivariums. Alternatively, you can visit Hogsmeade’s Brood And Peck or Indira Wolff in Pitt-Upon-Ford to conveniently purchase any Beast Material you might need for upgrading Gear. 

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Sources of Gear Traits in Hogwarts Legacy
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The third piece of advice for maintaining the best Gear and outfit pieces in Hogwarts Legacy is to add Traits to your equipment. Similar to Enchantments in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or Runestones in The Witcher 3, you can spend Beast Materials at your Loom to add a wide variety of Traits to your equipment. You can unlock Traits by completing Combat Challenges or for the Room of Requirement. Another primary way to get more Traits is by clearing Bandit Camps and looting the Chest marked on the minimap of the campsite. 

Both upgrades and Traits can make a massive difference in the damage you deal to enemies, which is a critical factor in higher gameplay difficulties. Fortunately, you will never need to worry about maintaining a stylish fit when considering which Gear is best in stats or Traits in Hogwarts Legacy since you are able to “transmog” every piece of clothing at zero cost anytime you wish. 

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