All Cleric spells in Dark and Darker, and how to use them

What spells do you plan to take with you?


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Clerics in Dark and Darker have a wide array of beneficial spells that make them a valuable asset to take with you into a dungeon. Although they might not be the best characters to use in close-range combat, they’re invaluable if you plan to keep them behind your allies, supporting them with various spells. In this guide, we’re going to cover all Cleric spells and how they work in Dark and Darker.

How every Cleric spell works in Dark and Darker

You can find every Cleric spell on their class page. It will be to the right of their Perks and Skills. Typically, a Cleric can only take five spells with them, but if you devote two slots to their Spell Memory skills on their Perk and Skill page, you can double the number of spells they can potentially take with them, so long as they meet the Spell Memory Priority, which is based on your character’s Knowledge attribute. However, if you exceed your character’s Spell Memory Priority, any spell that goes beyond your character’s total won’t be available for you to use until you increase your character’s Knowledge.

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These are all the spells a Cleric can use and how they work.

  • Bind – Bind a target for 0.75 seconds
  • Bless – The target of this spell gain three points to their Strength, Agility, and Will attributes for 30 seconds. If you have no spell target, your character will gain these boosts for the allotted time
  • Cleanse – Removes all harmful magical effects from the target
  • Divine Strike – Increase your weapon damage by 10 for 20 seconds
  • Holy Light – Heals an ally for 30 Health Points or deals 100 base magical damage to an undead target
  • Lesser Heal – Heal a target for 15 Health Points. You will cast it on your character if you have no targets
  • Protection – Create a shield that blocks 20 Physical Damage for 20 seconds
  • Resurrection – Target an ally that you wish to resurrect. The corpse you target must have its soul heart on them, or the spell will not work