How to revive allies in Dark and Darker

Never leave a friend behind.

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Cooperating with your teammates in Dark and Darker is the key to survival. Not only should you expect to help out your allies in combat, but if they fall, you have an opportunity to bring them back to life. You can do this on any character, but the way you go about this is specific, so need to make sure you follow each step carefully. Here’s what you need to know about how to revive allies in Dark and Darker.

How to bring allies back to life in Dark and Darker

When an ally goes down during a battle, the only way to bring them back is by obtaining their soul heart. Every character has a soul heart in their inventory when they die, and if they’re your ally, all you need to do is make your way to their body to grab it. It won’t show up if they have a chest piece on their body, and you need to remove this to gain access to their soul heart.

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Upon collecting your ally’s fallen soul heart, the next step is to find an Alter of Sacrifice. These can appear throughout the map of your dungeon, and seeking them out is no small task. Because you’re by yourself, you want to be extremely cautious that you do not die. If you do, and you’re the final party member on your team, you will need to return to the lobby and register for another match. You will also lose all the equipment you acquired while exploring the dungeon.

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When you find the Alter of Sacrifice, and you offer your ally’s soul heart over to it, they should return. The ally won’t have all the equipment they had when they died, but at least they will have returned, and you can continue your adventure.