All client job payouts and how they work in Grand Theft Auto V Online

Get the job done.

Image via Rockstar Games

When you want to make money pretty quick, client jobs in Grand Theft Auto V Online is a fairly effective way to do it in a short amount of time. These jobs can usually be done quickly, but they have a 30-minute cooldown attached to them, so you’ll need to cycle through several of them before repeating a mission. If you do it effectively enough, players can effectively earn several thousands of dollars.

How do client jobs work?

These are jobs you receive from Paige Harris, a character you primarily interact with at the Terrorbyte. You can choose from any of the six available jobs on the touchscreen to pick which one you’d like to do. You can find it in your interaction menu to summon your location, where you’ll be able to interact and choose from the list of client jobs directly. If you’ve already summoned the Terrorbyte to a particular location, you need to send it back to your night club before you can summon it to a new location.

One of the upgrades you have the option to give the Terrorbyte is a drone station. It costs $815,000, but with it, you’ll be able to participate in two of the client jobs, Diamond Shopping and Targeted Data. If you want to earn the most from these various jobs, you want to prioritize unlocking it for your van.

All client jobs and payouts

There are six client jobs available for you to complete. A majority of them require only a single player to complete, but two of them, the last ones, have a two-player requirement.

  • Data Sweep (requires one player) – $31,500 payout
  • Diamond Shopping (requires one player and a drone station) – $31,500
  • Robbery in Progress (requires one player) – $31,000 payout
  • Targeted Data (requires one player and a drone station) – $30,000
  • Collector’s Pieces (requires two players) – $10,000
  • Deal Breaker (requires two players) – $10,000