All confirmed weapon types in Cyberpunk 2077

What’s your weapon of choice?

Image via CD Projekt Red

The lifepath you choose for your character to have at the start of Cyberpunk 2077 defines where they came from. It’s the foundation you use to determine the character’s trajectory as they explore Night City. When things become hairy, or you need to be more aggressive during a job, you need a trusty weapon to rely on to get you out of trouble. Much like characters in Cyberpunk 2077, the weapons are diverse, and you choose how to best utilize them.

Here are the different weapon types and their unique qualities in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Cyberware: Transform your arm into a sword or turn your fingers into a whip. Your body is your weapon and your wrists have rockets in them. How else will you make a more personal statement?
  • Melee weapons: Get in close and cut through your enemies, slicing and dicing them with finesse and accuracy. But it’s messy work. Prepare to send your clothes to the dry cleaner after you finish a job.
  • Smart weapons: No need to worry about aiming. Point your weapon in any direction and the ammunition will find its way to your target, flying straight towards them, rattling them with bullets.
  • Power weapons: Destroy anything in your path. These weapons decimate obstacles and carve through anything. These weapons consist of shotguns, heavy assault rifles, and submachine guns.
  • Tech weapons: These weapons go straight through the thickest of foundations and crushes anything between you and a target. Are your enemies smart and using cover to protect themselves? Shoot through the cover, and don’t give them a place to hide.

These weapons can have attachments that further modify them to your character’s playstyle, and you can rely on throwables to use during a firefight. A throwable can consist of a grenade, or something more precise, depending on what you have hidden in your jacket or inside your arm.

Your character’s personal stats determine how good you are with particular weapons, so make sure you see what stats these weapons rely on. A preferred weapon defines your character and gives you the flexibility to handle any mission you choose to accept.