Every Netflix Video Game Anime Ranked From Worst To Best

We’ve ranked Netflix’s gaming anime offerings, so you know which ones to binge-watch and which ones to pass on.

When it comes to Netflix and anime, the streaming service is often an excellent place to start. For many, Netflix acted as a gateway to anime in the first place; the limited number of shows available on the platform has excellent dubs for those just getting started. More recently, Netflix has expanded its horizons for anime, hosting all kinds of shows to the point where we can begin to declare subgenres within the mass of anime available on Netflix. If you love Cyberpunk or just video games in general, there are plenty of anime on Netflix that can help scratch the itch between the two mediums.

5. No Game No Life

Image by Netflix

No Game No Life is an anime that came about during the time when the video game isekai was all the rage. This concept goes bold, however, starring a character who has never lost a game in their life.

The story follows the main character and their sister as they navigate a new landscape, one built entirely around the concept of games. Games decide fate, gambles, and many other things throughout the story. While the anime focuses on games and the cost of losing, it places an even heavier focus on the main character’s love interests. For that, it veers more into the territory of romance, and throughout the show, the games become more like card games and such than video games. So, if you want more of a pure video game show experience, some others on this list might be better.

4. Sword Art Online

Image by Netflix

Sword Art Online is the classic anime that practically started the mainstream love for gameplay-styled isekai. The story focuses on the players as they join a new VR game, Sword Art Online, which turns out to be a grave trap.

The creator of Sword Art Online traps the players within the game, claiming that if they die in the game, they die in real life. When this turns out to be true, the game becomes much more serious.

Sword Art Online anime is a good choice if you want an isekai that relies on game mechanics and such to tell the story, and while it does have a romantic set of side plots, it keeps to this tune for most of the initial seasons. It does focus quite a lot on Kirito’s love interests towards the middle and end, so if you were hoping to avoid romance completely, that isn’t the case with this show. There’s also a fair bit of plot holes and inconsistencies throughout the show that some audience members may notice, which is why we bumped it down in the list.

3. Tekken: Bloodline

Image by Netflix

Tekken: Bloodline is a more recent edition to the Netflix list of anime available to watch. It’s a classic revenge story set in the world with Tekken characters as Jin seeks revenge against Ogre. With the show comes plenty of easter eggs that reference the games.

Bloodline features plenty of characters from the Tekken games, over 24 to be exact, so Tekken fans are in for a ball if they’re interested in this series. The animation, like many others in this list, is top-notch. The story has no real wrinkles in it plot-wise, mostly riding on pre-existing characters to make the story, which makes the plot hold up well.

2. Hi-Score Girl

Image by Netflix

Hi-Score Girl is a slice-of-life romance anime centering around two high school student gamers. It’s a show for fighting game fans, with plenty of references to the community and tendencies of the game and its players. It’s set during the 90s, just when fighting games were reaching their peak in Japan, and focuses on Haruo and Akira as they become closer to each other through the game.

Hi-Score Girlanime is adorable, splicing subtle romance with a primarily comedic slice-of-life plot. It’s a great anime to watch if you want to wind down, but this makes it inherently less action-oriented than the rest of the shows in this list. So, if guns blazing is what you’re into for these picks, try the top one on our list.

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1. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Image by Netflix

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is an anime based on the game titled Cyberpunk 2077. No, you don’t need to play the game to enjoy the anime, although it certainly does help. While there are no story ties between the game and the anime, there certainly are references. Edgerunners focuses on a teenager and their mercenary journey as it begins in the harsh world of Night City.

There are some big names on this show, featuring the talents of Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka. These big names show their colors well; the direction and art style of Edgerunners are no joke throughout as a testament to the show’s quality. The show is also emotionally gripping, a feat in only 10 episodes.