All contract types in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, explained

Discover the quickest way to becoming an in-game millionaire.

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Call of Duty’s latest iteration of their battle royale, Warzone Pacific, has added hundreds of items to the Caldera map — from weapons, planes, to even anti-aircraft turrets. However, one addition of the game that always seems to be undermined is the type of contracts this island holds. Many you’ll discover in Caldera have been mainstays to the franchise, but there are a few new kinds that are arguably better than the rest.

Similar to its predecessor, contracts that are picked up in Warzone Pacific will ask that you complete unique objectives for the opportunity to earn major rewards, such as truckloads of cash, legendary weapon blueprints, and even enable you to bring back fallen teammates. Although this concept has been around in Warzone since its inception, newer contracts like Big Game Bounty, Supply Drop, and Top Secret up the ante by quite a bit.

Here’s every contract currently available in the game and what game-changing prizes you may receive from them:

  • Bounty: The objective will be to eliminate an enemy team that has their general location placed on your mini-map. If successful, each team member will be rewarded bonus XP and up to $5,000 to use at a Buy Station.
  • Big Game Bounty: Similar to the basic Bounty contract, this variation will have your squad hunting down the enemy team with the most kills in the match so far. Those who complete this challenging task will earn even more XP and cash than they would from a regular Bounty.
  • Most Wanted: The Most Wanted contracts are one of two that are able to revive fallen teammates when completed. However, to do so, the player who picks up the Most Wanted will first need to remain alive for three minutes. As easy as it sounds, the Most Wanted player will also have their location marked on the map for all opponents to see. If alive after those three minutes, all eliminated players will respawn and have an additional $3000 each.
  • Recon: Recons will ask that you secure a small area near the point of interest closest to you. When secured, your team will be granted a few of the game’s rarer weapons and some extra cash. Better yet, your entire squad will also have a preview of the next circle, via the tac map. The catch: a small flare will burst into the sky while you’re attempting to secure the recon, notifying all nearby teams of your location.
  • Scavenger: This contract is an excellent way of earning top-notch weapons without having to travel throughout the map. Here, you’ll need to go to three marked loot boxes that are in your main vicinity. Aside from blueprints, opening all three box gifts everyone on the team a few thousand dollars as well.
  • Supply Drop: Similar to a Loadout Drop, this contract will have a squad rushing to a particular area that is far from their current location. When they have arrived, a supply drop filled with top-tier gear will fall from the sky, but the green smoke it emits may catch the eyes of an opposing team.
  • Supply Run: By picking up a Supply Run, a team will need to rush over to a distant Buy Station in an incredibly short amount of time. Although this may seem impossible for some, pulling this objective off lends you large amounts of cash and an 80% discount on most items at the marked Buy Station.
  • Top Secret: Despite its name, Top Secret contracts will have players completing any of the contracts mentioned above — but which contract you are given is at random. The same can be said for its rewards; though, they will likely be much more generous offerings.
    • Example: Nabbing a Top Secret may have you finishing a Supply Run. However, instead of receiving the usual Buy Station discount once completed, it could result in all of your fallen teammates coming back from the grave.

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