Best Vanguard weapons to use in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

These are the guns that excel the most, with or without attachments.

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Despite the cold reception upon their debut in Call of Duty: Warzone, Vanguard’s Multiplayer guns and weapons have slowly become highly respected in the battle royale. This is due to several reasons: recent buffs excluding weapons from previous titles, the ability to use Vanguard weapons in every game mode, and the list goes much deeper. Most importantly, it is the fact they are the only guns that can hold a whooping 10 attachments. So, to get the absolute most out this powerful branch of firearms, here are the best Vanguard weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Armaguerra 43

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As the MP-40 has been caught in the line of fire by several nerfs, the Armaguerra 43 has become the strongest all-around SMG in Warzone. It does require a few attachments to halt its chaotic recoil, though everything from its accuracy to damage is what players should expect from a phenomenal gun. It also makes for the perfect weapon when switching over from Modern Warfare’s MP7 with it having the best fire rate of all Vanguard SMGs.

3-Line Rifle

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The 3-Line Rifle may not have started out as the best sniper, but numerous patches have buffed the weapon to be incredibly lethal from a distance. So much so, it holds the best accuracy and range of all Vanguard weapons and is capable of knocking enemies with one well-placed headshot. Those eager to use this revamped gun will need patience, though. Its brutally slow ADS and reload times essentially requires that gunners only play from long-range.


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Likely the most controversial on this list, the MG42 has fallen off of most players’ radars due to its rambunctious recoil and the lackluster movement speed it provides. On the contrary, this LMG holds such an overwhelming rate of fire, it is worth leveling up the gun and obtaining attachments to fix all of its faults. Once that’s done, the MG42 should feel more akin to a deadly turret that collects eliminations swiftly from close to medium-range. It is also a fairly common loot drop on all three maps, typically packaged with a few respectable attachments already.

Cooper Carbine

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Despite being an assault rifle, Cooper Carbine fans know the gun has all of the trappings of an SMG but with much more power. This is because it thrives at close-range with its lighting quick fire rate and smooth handling. That said, we aren’t confident to choose it over the STG44 in most situations — primarily because of its lack of medium-range accuracy — but it is safe to say the gun is tailor-made for Warzone’s close-quarters Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep maps. In sum, if you favor being in nonstop action, this tiny firearm should be a part of your best loadout.

H4 Blixen

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The H4 Blixen SMG breaks all traditions its weapon class is known for, prioritizing damage and accuracy over speed. In result, even without attachments, players wielding it should see even medium-range fights end in just a few seconds. Its sluggish pace can give opponents the edge, but with its ability to have 10 attachments, that issue can be easily erased.


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Although ranking all of these weapons would be like comparing apples to oranges, it will only take a few matches to see the NZ-41 is the second best gun in the battle royale — just behind the STG44. It hosts the highest damage stats of all assault rifles and has a strikingly level of control that makes it a breeze to use for beginners. The weapon does come up short on its mobility stats, so try to keep your distance from SMG users as much as you can.

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KG M40

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It should come as no surprise that a weapon of its size has made our top 10. As lethal as it appears, the KG M40 is actually one of the most balanced weapons in the game. The assault rifle contains a respectable ADS time, high control, and always has a chance to beat just about any gun on this list. Though, as one might expect, the KG M40 will need to be altered in the Gunsmith menu to increase its mobility.


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Despite its damage being much lower than the rest in its group, the PPSH-41’s fire rate and mobility transforms close-range shooters into Warzone victors. The base weapon is already tiers better than most in any category when accounting for its high mobility stats. However, like most SMGs, it does tend to be uncontrollable when shooting at opponents over 30 meters away. No matter, when given the right attachments, the PPSH-41 should let you pinpoint any shot from any range.


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Coming as no surprise to Vanguard Multiplayer fans, the STG44 is undoubtedly the top option when looking for an assault rifle in the battle royale. Players excited to level it up should prepare to witness a slower fire rate than the Cooper Carbine, but its damage and accuracy is second to none when the gun has the correct attachments. The STG44 is even capable of nabbing kills from surprising distances. Thus, as long as its bears a multi-zoom scope, you will definitely be a massive threat with this magnificent chunk of metal in your hands.


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The selection of Vanguard marksman rifles is definitely slim, but that doesn’t mean the category should be ignored entirely. The damage and accuracy of the SVT-40 places it as the number one marksman rifle to use. This is especially true when considering its bullet drop seems almost non-existent, ultimately allowing you to place and land headshots without issue. If constructed correctly, this long-range weapon can break armor with one shot and completely end an enemy with another.