Best Vanguard weapons to use in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

Some of Vanguard’s worst multiplayer guns find a way to shine above the rest in the battle royale.

Image via Raven Software

As Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s Vanguard Royale mode only allows weapons that were primarily used in World War II, not knowing which Vanguard-featured weapons are worth picking up in the battle royale is extremely detrimental to your success. Some of these have already made a name for themselves in the Vanguard multiplayer, but other lesser-known guns have certainly found spotlight in Warzone Pacific. No matter which class of weapons you favor, here is the best from all six.

Best Vanguard AR: STG 44

Coming as no surprise to Vanguard fans, the STG44 is undoubtedly the top option when looking for an assault rifle in the battle royale. Although its fire rate isn’t as high as the AS44, the STG44’s range and damage should not be underestimated. With this weapon on hand, expect to drop enemies with just five to six well-placed shots — no matter the distance.

Best Vanguard SMG: PPSH-41

Despite its damage being much lower than the rest in its group, the PPSH-41’s fire rate and mobility transforms close-range shooters into Warzone victors. On its own, the base weapon is already tiers better than most in any class. But, when given attachments that aid its range and accuracy, the gun is arguably the best in the game.

Best Vanguard shotgun: Gracey Auto

Truthfully, we wouldn’t recommend having a shotgun as your primary, as Caldera is built for more medium to long-range gun play. Although, a great secondary to have when using the Overkill perk is the Gracey Auto. The shotgun has a fantastic spread, enabling you to break the armor of multiple enemies with just one shot. When fights do become close and personal, expect the Gracey Auto to knock an enemy down in just two to three hits.

Best Vanguard LMG: DP27

Even without attachments, the DP27 is one of the deadliest weapons you should pick up from a loot box. The LMG supplies the most damage out of all other Vanguard guns in its class and its range goes so far it should probably nerfed. It will take a collection of attachments to boosts its lackluster accuracy, but even the base gun is one of few that can single-handedly lead you to a victory.

Best Vanguard marksman rifle: SVT-40

The selection of Vanguard marksman rifle is definitely slim, but that doesn’t mean the category should be ignored entirely. Most of these impress us, but the fire rate and mobility of the SVT-40 places it as the number one marksman rifle to use in Vanguard Royale. If constructed correctly, this long-range weapon can break armor with one shot and completely end an enemy with another two after.

Best Vanguard sniper rifle: 3-Line Rifle

Snipers in Caldera certainly aren’t as powerful as they were in Verdansk. No matter, those accustom to landing distant headshots should lean toward the 3-Line Rifle. The weapon typically can’t down in an enemy in one hit, but considering it has the best range of all Vanguard guns, it should put an end to any and all hurt opponents in your sight.

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