Best drop locations on Caldera in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

Five points of interest that hold fantastic weapons and loads of cash.

Image via Activision

Unlike most battle royales, Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific holds main locations that are all fairly far away from each other. Thus, it is incredibly important to drop into places that have enough guns and gear for your entire squad before traversing the more barren areas of the Caldera map. Despite each of the 15 named locations being home to plenty of loot boxes and respectable weapons, there are only five that are truly worth dropping into.


Image via Raven Software

Although this list is in no specific order, Airfield is surely one of the greatest places to land considering that it is home to most of the map’s Fighter Planes. There are tons of buildings to search for loot here, but the main focus should be on the airport’s three-story headquarters. You’ll discover a number of the rare orange supply crates inside where top-tier guns will most likely spawn.


Image via Raven Software

Reminiscent of Verdansk’s Downtown location, Capital bears several oversized buildings and landmarks, such as its police station, theater, marina, and of course, the main Capital building. With all of these bunched up together in the same POI, it is seems safe to say Capital holds more loot than any other location. Also, like Downtown, it is home to plenty of high roofs that give sharpshooters a dangerous edge.


Image via Raven Software

One cannot help but to think that Dock is the offspring of Verdansk’s Salt Mine location, due to having such high-value loot in such small two-story facilities. However, what makes Docks unique and a definite go-to area is the massive dome that sits near the edge of the water. On the top level of this building, squads will surely discover at least three or four rare blueprint weapons and plenty of cash for a loadout drop or even two.


Without question, Peak is the best location any squad should drop into. It is home to the gigantic volcano that overlooks the entire map and has more legendary weapon blueprints than we can count. Most of the area can appear desolate, but travel over to the peak’s long facility building to discover over 20 lootboxes, contracts, and shield plates.

Sub Pen

Image via Raven Software

With Sub Pen having a low quantity of buildings, this is one of Caldera’s safest and most underrated dropping points. Its submarine base is the large building in the game; thus, there’s a large number of rooms to loot. Though, head to its first floor where the submarines should be, as many rare to legendary weapons will be sitting around this area.

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