All Crown Mines Travel Log locations in Tower of Fantasy

Enjoy exploring the beauty of Crown Mines.

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The world of Tower of Fantasy has so much to explore. Most elements of exploration are easy and simple, but some require effort, and finding Travel Log locations is one of those. They are in every region, be it Banges or Navia. In this guide, we will show you every Crown Mines Travel Log location in Tower of Fantasy.

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Travel Log locations in Crown Mines

There are four Travel Logs in Crown Mines; finding some of them can be challenging. Exploring any Travel Log rewards you with 20 dark crystals and 20 exploration points. Here is where you can find all of the Travel Logs in Crown Mines.

Miners’ Camp Travel Log location

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The location for this Travel Log is west of the main Miners’ Camp area. At the location, it’s difficult to find it, so first look for a wrecked train, and then just on the very edge of it, in front of a platform, you will find the Miners’ Camp Travel Log.

Parliament Travel Log location

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You can find the Parliament Travel Log on the east of Ruin D-01. The viewpoint is on a hill, where some hyenas are camping, and you will easily spot them. At the hill, go to the edge, and you will find the Parliament Travel Log.

Research Lab (Area 4) Travel Log location

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This Travel Log is northeast of Crown Mines Omnium Tower, and you will easily find it beneath the tower. Go to the location, and on the grassy areas, in front of a huge lab, you will find the Research Lab (Area 4) Travel Log.

The Lumina Travel Log location

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The location for the Lumia Travel Log is on the mountain range south of Lucia, world boss. The viewpoint is easy to spot at the edge of a cliff, beneath a bigger cliff.

That’s all the locations for the Travel Logs in Crown Mines. Once you collect any of these Travel Logs, you can claim the rewards by going to Terminal from the pause menu and then inside the Chronicles.