All currencies in Cat Cafe Manager – How to get them and where to spend them

Make sense of this small town economy.


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While serving customers in Cat Cafe Manager, you’ll notice that some pay differently from others. Each faction has its own currency, and you’ll be paid in that currency when you serve members of those factions. While this might seem a bit odd, each currency has a purpose and a place to be spent. This guide explains how the currencies in Cat Cafe Manager work so that you can make sense of them.

All currencies in Cat Cafe Manager and how to get them

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The following list explains which faction pays with each currency.

  • Delight: All customers pay with this. It’s the heart currency you need to complete projects.
  • Nectar: Witches pay with this currency. They’re pretty easy to spot because they wear pointy hats.
  • Gold: Businesspeople use this currency. They all look very busy and well put together.
  • Materials: Punks pay with Materials. They’re all very alternative.
  • Fabrics: Vagabonds will pay you with this. They’ve all got beards and massive backpacks.
  • Jewels: Artists will pay you with these, though they probably wouldn’t struggle so much if they turned them into cash. You can identify them from their paint-smeared clothes.
  • Fish: Fisherfolk pay with Fish, and they’re incredibly easy to spot. Some even have wooden legs.

What do you use each currency for?

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Below, we’ve outlined how you spend each currency. This is worth bearing in mind when you’re trying to buy a lot of furniture or expand your cat cafe. Note that there’s some overlap between currencies on late-game items.

  • Delight: You use this to advance projects.
  • Nectar: You need this currency to purchase new recipes.
  • Gold: This currency is mainly used as an additional requirement on certain purchases.
  • Materials: This currency is used to build new rooms and other structures in your cat cafe.
  • Fabrics: You need Fabrics to purchase chairs, tables, and other early game items.
  • Jewels: You use this currency to buy furniture for your cat cafe.
  • Fish: You mainly buy pet food with Fish, but it can also be required for other purchases.