All Daedalian Key locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Find all 16.


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Hogwarts Legacy is packed with side quests that take you around the game world in search of treasure, Gobstones, and so much more. In an early quest, The Daedalian Keys, you’re tasked with finding 16 Daedalian Keys around Hogwarts, and they’re not easy to locate. This guide outlines where all the Daedalian Keys are, so you can complete this quest in no time at all.

Every Daedalian Key location in Hogwarts Legacy

Here, we’ve broken down each Daedalian Key location, explaining where it is as well as which Floo Flame you should use to reach it quickly.

Daedalian Key 1: Astronomy Tower

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The first Daedalian Key you’ll be pointed to is located in the Astronomy Tower. The nearest Floo Flame you can travel to is the Astronomy Tower one itself. Once there, head up the stairs opposite the Floo Flame, and you’ll see the key straight away. Follow it back down the stairs and into the nearby classroom, where it will be hovering in front of a cabinet. Slap the key to unlock the cabinet, and you’ll have completed this first part of The Daedalian Keys quest.

Daedalian Key 2: The Grand Staircase

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To find this key, travel to The Grand Staircase Tower Floo Flame. Head down The Grand Staircase, and you should eventually come across the Daedalian Key as you do. It’ll fly further down the staircase, so follow it for a few more floors. You’ll come to a landing where you can see a puzzle door to your right. Keep running, and the cabinet will be just beyond it down the hall.

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Daedalian Key 3: Defence Against The Dark Arts Classroom

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Travel to the Defence Against The Dark Arts Floo Flame for this key. Run down the stairs from the Floo Flame to the rhinoceros skeleton. The key is inside and will fly upstairs as soon as you arrive. Run back up the stairs and head left, and follow the wall until you find the cabinet at the end.

Daedalian Key 4: The Great Hall (Key 1)

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To get this key, travel to The Great Hall Floo Flame. From there, open your map and mark the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame. Follow the path out through the door, and you’ll stumble upon a Daedalian Key. Follow it down the stairs to find the cabinet at the bottom on the right.

Daedalian Key 5: The Great Hall (Key 2)

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To find the second key around The Great Hall, travel to The Great Hall Floo Flame. This time, enter The Great Hall and head left. Go all the way down the corridor to the puzzle door to trigger the key. Now go to the opposite side of The Great Hall and climb the stairs to the cabinet. The key will fly up soon after you arrive.

Daedalian Key 6: The Great Hall (Key 3)

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Fast travel to The Great Hall Floo Flame. Take the large double doors to your right to get outside and go down the stairs and keep going right through the archway. This leads to the Quad Courtyard, where you should be able to see a key flying around. Follow it down the stairs and to the right. It’ll lead you to a door back into the castle, but the cabinet is to the right of that door.

Daedalian Key 7: The Central Hall (key 1)

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From the Central Hall Floo Flame, head towards the Greenhouse doors. Don’t go through them. Instead, head to the alcove on the left to find the key. Now turn around and head to the doors to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Once again, don’t go through them. Check the alcove on the right to find the cabinet.

Daedalian Key 8: The Central Hall (key 2)

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To find this second key in The Central Hall, travel to The Central Hall Floo Flame. Climb the stairs as if you were going to the Viaduct. Don’t go through the doors, though. Instead, turn right and check under the staircase to find the key. Now follow the key back down one flight of stairs to the right to find the cabinet.

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Daedalian Key 9: Library

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Travel to the Library Floo Flame and search the bookshelves on the right of the area for the key. Follow the key to the left-hand side of the room, where you’ll find the cabinet towards the front of the location. Near to the Floo Flame.

This guide is a work in progress and will be added to soon.