Hogwarts Legacy roll door puzzle solution — How to open animal symbol doors

The wizardry of mathematics may be the most rewarding of all.

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From side quests to classes, there is much to complete within Hogwarts Legacy’s school grounds. However, upon traveling the halls when heading toward these objectives, you are bound to run into several doors that display nothing but animal symbols and numbers. Although the game does not explain how these puzzles can be solved, those who complete each will be met with additional chests and rewards. Here’s how to unlock doors that hold animal symbols on them in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to solve Hogwarts Legacy door animal symbols puzzle

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To solve door puzzles that show animal symbols, it will only require a bit of addition. That is because the numbers and the values of the animal symbols on the outside of its triangles must equal the number in the center. You will have to solve two triangles for each door, each having a corresponding panel nearby with either one or two question marks. These panels should then be changed to the respective animal that helps finish their equation. Additionally, some doors’ panels may be hidden in another room, though you can use the Revelio spell to reveal their locations.

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What number is each animal for the door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy?

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As shown above, there is a Field Guide page lying around Hogwarts that reveals the numerical value of each animal symbol. You can begin your journey to it by first going to the Divination Classroom Floor Flame that is marked on the map and then heading up the stairs that leads to the wooden rafters above. From there, you can take the first right in the rafters to find the page inside a chest. In the meantime, all animal symbols and their numerical values can be discovered below.

  • Demiguise: 0
  • Unicorn: 1
  • Dragon: 2
  • Hydra: 3
  • Owl: 4
  • Crab: 5
  • Salamander: 6
  • One-eyed monster: 7
  • Spider: 8
  • Snakes: 9

Once these doors are unlocked, it is likely you will find up to two chests tucked inside. These can bear anything from gloves, neckwear, to even coins. The gear you pick up may even have an impact on your stats, as they can increase either your offensive or defensive abilities. Keep in mind, adding some of these goods to your character will remove the gear given from your Hogwarts house of choice.