All Disney Dreamlight Valley Codes in December 2023

Keep track of all the working codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and learn to redeem codes to get free goodies.

Working Codes Dreamlight Valley

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Getting new decor or furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley often involves time, effort, and money. However, an opportunity comes once in a blue moon for players to redeem a code and get a bunch of goodies for free.

Redeeming codes in DDV is a way to get free outfits, furniture, or skins. To say that you just need to input the code and get freebies would be an oversimplification. Though many codes have been made available by the Disney Dreamlight Valley team over the past couple of years, they don’t last forever. As such, it’s hard to keep track of the working codes and expired codes. This guide offers a glimpse at all currently active codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley as of December 2023.

    DDV: All Working Codes in December 2023

    all codes Dreamlight Valley 2023
    Screenshot by Gamepur

    Here is every active code for Disney Dreamlight Valley:

    • PIXL: Air Hockey Table, Game Machine, and Coin-op Game
    • PRIDE20231: A Gleam Tee
    • PRIDE20232: An Illuminate Tee
    • PRIDE20233: A Shine Tee
    • PRIDE20234: A Shimmer Tee
    • PRIDE20235: A Glow Tee
    • PRIDE20236: A Radiate Tee
    • PRIDE20237: A Bright Tee
    • PRIDE20238: A Dazzle Tee
    • DDVBPACK: Celebration backpack
    • DDVBALLOON: Balloon Arch and Balloon Clusters gift bundle
    • DDVHEADBAND: Minnie Mouse ears

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    DDV: All Expired Codes in December 2023

    Here is every expired code for Disney Dreamlight Valley:

    • AUTUMNBUNDLE: Autumn Wreath, Autumn Harvest Pennants, two Pampas Grass Jugs, and two Bountiful Marigold Baskets
    • CENTENNIAL: Melting Platinum Minnie Ears
    • DREAMLIGHTPARK: Magical Recycler
    • FOFSOUVENIR: 5x gold ingots, 5x iron ingots, and 5x tinkering parts
    • FOFCRAFTYKIT: 5x clay, 5x cotton, and 5x fabric
    • FOFTROPHY: 150x Moonstones
    • FOFLOSHARD: 5x Night shards, 5x Dream shards
    • FOFGLITTER: 150x Moonstones
    • FOFLOGEMS: 3x diamond, 3x sapphire, and 3x ruby
    • FOFSUCCESS: 8x pumpkins
    • FOFSURPRISEKIT: 15x glass, 15x snowballs, and 15x hardwood
    • GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM: Golden Potato
    • OCEANVIEW: Minimalist Surfboards, Light Blue Ice Cream Stand, and Lightning Strike Wagon

    How to Redeem a Code in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    how to redeem codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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    So, now that the code is in your hands, it’s time to redeem it. Now, where exactly does Disney Dreamlight Valley hide that code redemption button? To redeem codes in DDV, follow these steps:

    1. Open the game’s pause menu and head to the Settings menu on the right corner.
    2. On the sub-menu to the left, scroll down to open the “Help” tab.
    3. Under the “About” section, there’s an empty lilac box. Here’s where the Disney Dreamlight Valley code should go.
    4. When ready, click Claim to redeem the code.
    5. Wait for a second, and the goodies should arrive at your house’s mailbox.