Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Disney Dreamlight Valley

Stop sleeping on the best DDV Halloween costumes, and decide what you should wear this October 31st.

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Halloween is right around the corner, even in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Though DDV has yet to announce an official Halloween event, that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up in cute or spooky outfits and go trick-or-treating around every villager’s house. One can only imagine the kind of candy WALL-E would be ready to share on the 31st. If there is one thing everyone’s favorite cozy Disney game has delivered, it is costumes.

There are loads of extravagant and adorable outfit pieces that could serve as amazing Halloween costumes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Still, since most of these are stand-alone pieces acquired through questing or Mr. Scrooge’s shop, piecing together a complete outfit from head to toe won’t be easy. That’s why I’ve looked high and low through the entire Disney Dreamlight Valley clothing repertoire to come up with the best Halloween costume ideas.

Witch/Wizard Halloween DDV Costume

witch costume idea for halloween DDV
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Wizard and Witch costumes are a classic for Halloween. However, Merlin’s Marvelous Wizard Hat gives it a special hat. After all, there’s hardly anything else out there that could make you as special as donning the pointy hat of the world’s best wizard. The hat, obviously, makes the costume, but it’s best paired with an all-black dress or suit. If you’re into customization, there are loads of interesting patterns you could splash into that black fabric canvas.

Sailor Halloween DDV Costume

sailor costume idea for halloween DDV
Image by Gamepur

The sailor costume may not be as scary, but it gets the job done. The White Sailor Hat can be obtained from Scrooge’s Shop, and the Sailor Costume is Donald Duck’s 10-level friendship reward. Pair this with any blue or white pants or a cute skirt to make for an adorable sailor Halloween costume for DDV.

Cowboy Halloween DDV Costume

cowboy halloween costume DDV
Image by Gamepur

Thanks to recent fashion trends, doing cowboy costumes for Halloween is easy enough. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, getting the full Cowboy Costume is as easy as paying regular visits to Scrooge’s shop. All you need is these three items: a cute white tee and a pair of jeans. Just don’t forget to practice your “Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole” and “There’s a snake in my boot”s.

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Golden Diver Halloween DDV Costume

diver costume DDV
Image by Gamepur

The Golden Diver costume can be easily recreated with just two outfit pieces: The Diving Helmet, which you’ll get from Eric‘s level 10 friendship quest, and the Diving Suit, which is strictly a Premium Shop item. It’s a simple but cute Halloween DDV costume that only takes two pieces of clothing.

Sea Witch Halloween DDV Costume

sea witch costume idea for halloween DDV
Image by Gamepur

Ursula lovers, rise. And also get away from me; I’m scared. If there is one Disney villain that’s worthy of a Halloween costume, it’s surely going to be from The Little Mermaid. This Sea Witch costume doesn’t really make you as scary as Ursula, but you’ll look fabulous and intimidating enough to snatch some treats from every door you knock on.

Maleficent Halloween DDV Costume

maleficent halloween costume DDV
Image by Gamepur

This also passes for a Serroh outfit. With a pair of horns, wings, and a dark, thony outfit, you, too, can become Maleficent. Unfortunately, no cosmetic can make your cheekbones look as sharp as Angelina Jolie’s. Still, if you can get your hands on Raven Wings, Malevolent Fairy Horns, and the Thorny Pants and Jacket, you’re good to go.

Astronaut Halloween DDV Costume

astronaut halloween costume DDV
Image by Gamepur

This may be the most elaborate DDV Halloween costume out there. It comes with the Space Helmet, Space Shoes, Space Pants, and a Purple Space Jacket. You could even throw in Buzz’s Space Pack as a backpack. It leaves nothing up to your imagination, and I mean that as a compliment.

Pirate Halloween DDV Costume

pirate costume idea for halloween DDV
Image by Gamepur

Dressing up as a pirate is always fun. After all, what’s not to love about wearing an eyepatch and a bunch of belts just for fun? Disney Dreamlight Valley nails the pirate costume with a Privateer Coat, Privateer Slops, and Privateer Eyepatch, all of which are available through the premium shop. It’s a nice way to recycle that Dreamsnaps Challenge pic outfit, too.

Tim Burton DDV Costume

tim burton costume DDV
Image by Gamepur

The Haunted Holiday Star Path truly came in at the best of times. Not only did it celebrate the 30th anniversary of Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it also delivered some of the best Halloween outfits right before the spooky season. The Patchwork Dress, the Pumpkin King Outfit (frustratingly not named Pupmking Outfit?), and the Oogie Boogie outfit.