All Elemental combos in Genshin Impact

Mix and match.

Image via miHoYo

The depth of the combat system in Genshin Impact lies in the elemental system and elemental combos. Enemies will be weak or strong against certain elements, and you can combine different elemental effects in combos to create powerful results.

All the elements have slightly unusual names, but they line up with the well worn elements used in almost all games. You can find a full list of the elements in Genshin Impact below.

  • Anemo – Wind
  • Geo – Earth
  • Electro – Lightning
  • Dendro – Nature
  • Hydro – Water
  • Pyro – Fire
  • Cryo – Ice

Elemental Effects

Elements will potentially cause status effects on enemies that are suceptible to them. Ice enemies will not be affected by Cryo, fire enemies will not be affected by Pyro, and so on.

CryoReduces movement speed
ElectroTargets in water will become Electro-charged
GeoReduces enemy elemental damage, and can cause them to drop energy shield orbs you can pick up for protection
HydroCause the target to become Wet. Doesn’t cause additional damage, but primes enemies for combos
PryoCuases a damage over time effect

Elemental Combos

You can combine elements, either through using an enemies innate element against them or quickly switch between characters to do element attacks. The order in which you apply the elements will dictate the effect.


Dendro then Pyro – Deals ongoing Pyro DMG for a duration.


Geo then Cryo, Electro, Hydro, or Pyro – Crystallization generates corresponding Elemental Shards that provide shields.


Electro then Hydro –  Deals ongoing Electro damage for a duration.


Hydro then Cryo – Freezes the enemy in place, the enemy can then be Shattered if hit with Physical damage.


Cryo then Pyro – deals increased damage.


Electro then Pyro – Creates an explosion that deals Pyro AOE, breaks Geo shields.


Electro then Cryo — Deals Cryo AOE, reduces targets defense.


Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo then Anemo – Absorbs the first Element it comes in contact with and then deals Elemental damage.


Hydro then Pyro – Inflicts additional damage.