What is Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact?

Elemental Mastery can be confusing for many newcomers to Genshin Impact.

Ayaka Executing Her Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact

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Character Stats like Health, Attack, or Defense are easy to comprehend in Genshin Impact, but newcomers might need help understanding what Elementary Mastery is. During the first few hours of one’s journey in Mondstadt, new Travelers are introduced to the different Elements of Teyvat, such as Amber’s Pyro, Kaeya’s Cryo, and Lisa’s Electro. From a glance, it is not hard for one to assume that Elementary Mastery is the attribute that bolsters the damage from a character’s Elemental Abilities. While such a guess is not entirely wrong, this is not the case for this stat.

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How does Elemental Mastery work in Genshin Impact?

Kazuha Using a Bonfire to Trigger Melt to Deal High Damage with Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact
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Simply put, Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact primarily determines the damage done by Elemental Reactions, the combat mechanic that amplifies damage done to enemies when triggered. In other words, Elemental Mastery does not affect the direct damage output of an Elemental Skill or Burst, but it enhances the damage dealt when another Element reacts to the Ability’s Element. For instance, let’s say you executed Qiqi’s Elemental Burst on a group of Hilichurls. The damage dealt is decent, but nothing spectacular. You then follow up Qiqi’s ultimate with Xiangling’s Pyronado. The damage done by the Melt Elemental Reaction caused by Xiangling can be enhanced if she has a higher Elemental Mastery.

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Kokomi Using her Elemental Skill with high Elemental Mastery to deal damage in Genshin Impact
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Generally speaking, you should provide high Elementary Mastery to those you rely on to trigger Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact. We have given our Anemo Kazuha and Hydro Kokomi notably higher Elementary Mastery than others in our party since we want them to enhance our damage dealt using Melt or Vaporize when possible. Of course, the character for whom you will maximize this Stat will depend on your preference. Whatever the case, remember that units relying heavily on combining their Abilities with Elemental Reactions will typically offer greater damage when given more Elementary Mastery in Genshin Impact.