All Ferenia Missile Tank expansion locations in Metroid Dread

Learn how to nab some ammo from the Chozo base.

Image via Nintendo

Ferenia is an old Chozo base in the center of Planet ZDR, and you’ll pay it a view visits during Metroid Dread. When you do, you can find a number of upgrades inside, including lovely Missile Tanks (aka Expansions). Samus might start the game with the Missile Launcher equipped, but she can’t fire too many shots at first.

That’s where Tanks come in. Standard ones increase your ammo count by two, while Missile+ Tanks give you a whole 10. You’re probably going to want them all, and we’re here to help you locate the ones in Ferenia.

Ferenia Missile Tank #1 [+10] | Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs, Speed Booster

Screenshot by Gamepur

Getting this Missile+ Tank involves one of Metroid’s infamous Speed Booster puzzles, though this one isn’t too bad. Start from the tram to Ghavoran and run toward the structure, activating your Speed Booster ability as you go. Once inside, leap onto the ledge and wall jump backwards above the door to maintain momentum. Slide as soon as you land on the ledge to slip past the Pitfall Blocks and roll into your Morph Ball into the pocket on the left – store a Shinespark jump as soon as you do. Now quickly roll back a few feet, blow away the Bomb Blocks, and release your Shinespark to rocket to the ceiling above. You’ll catch the ledge with the Tank on the way down.

Ferenia Missile Tank #2 [+10] | Requirements: Morph Ball, Space Jump, Cross Bomb

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are some hidden Bomb Blocks near the flooded area southeast of the tram to Ghavoran. Approach from the high ledge on the eastern side and use your Morph Ball jump to leave a Cross Bomb in the air. When it explodes, you’ll see the path up. Use your Space Jump to wriggle in there, where you can grab the Missile Tank inside.

Ferenia Missile Tank #3 [+10] | Requirements: Morph Ball, Speed Booster

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s another Speed Booster puzzle in the room to the right of the western Dairon elevator. Charge up from the elevator room, store a Shinespark when you move through the door, wall jump up to the ledge, and quickly slide into your Morph Ball form. From the corner, you can launch diagonally right into the Missile+ Tank. Alternatively, you can Bomb through the blocks and launch straight across in midair if you’re fast enough.

Ferenia Missile Tank #4 [+10] | Requirements: Morph Ball, Speed Booster

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You’ll find yet another Speed Booster puzzle in the cold section by the EMMI Zone. To dash through the left-hand wall, you’ll need to charge up from the other side of the nearby door. Once through, you’ll need to make a second pass. This time, store a Shinespark as you hit the spot you just broke through, shoot through the blocks below, and tuck into your Morph Ball at the bottom. Then you can launch yourself directly to the side, right through the icy tunnel. The Missile Tank will be above you at the exit.

Ferenia Missile Tank #5 [+2] | Requirements: None

Screenshot by Gamepur

This one’s easy to find. There’s a tower in the southeastern corner of the map. When you reach it, scale to the top by shooting out the various Beam Blocks. In the top-right corner is a Missile Block you can destroy – it’s holding the Expansion inside.

Ferenia Missile Tank #6 [+2] | Requirements: Space Jump

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Missile Tank is right next to the Cyan Teleportal. Shoot out the Beam Blocks and Space Jump up to reach it.

Ferenia Missile Tank #7 [+2] | Requirements: Morph Ball, Space Jump, Cross Bomb, Wave Beam

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s a tricky Bomb block above the water right by the room where you get the Space Jump ability. To destroy it, roll of the upper ledge, bank left, and drop a Cross Bomb to open the way. Now take the Morph Ball tunnel into the next room. Jump onto the right end of the platform – the rest is made of Pitfall Blocks – and use your Wave Beam to shoot the explosive rock in the corner. Now you can drop through those Pitfall Blocks and Space Jump your way up and around to the Missile Tank.

Ferenia Missile Tank #8 [+2] | Requirements: Morph Ball, Space Jump, Cross Bomb

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You’ll need to do another tricky jump to reach this Missile Tank. From the previous one, weave south through the Beam Blocks to the room with the sloping roof. Take the Morph Ball tunnel to the next room. To destroy the Bomb blocks here, you need to leap toward the wall and deploy a Cross Bomb in midair. Now quickly loop back around (since you’ll likely fall through the Pitfall Blocks) and Space Jump your way up to the ledge with the Expansion before the Bomb blocks reappear. You can also use a Power Bomb, if you have them, to forgo the need to loop around.