All Ghavoran Energy Tank locations in Metroid Dread

The forest holds many secrets, including ways to increase your health.

Image via Nintendo

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As you explore Metroid Dread’s Planet ZDR, you’ll eventually reach the forest region of Ghavoran. Much like the plants and trees found here, you too can grow stronger and mightier by increasing your energy. To do that, you’ll need to find Energy Tanks – each one gives you a healthy increase of 99.

You can also come across Energy Parts in the area. Collect four of these, and they’ll combine to form a whole health-boosting Tank. Here’s how to find all the Tanks and Parts in Ghavoran.

Energy Tank | Requirements: Ice Missile

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can get this right after you’ve beaten the Ghavoran EMMI and acquired its Ice Missile ability. Exit through the highest eastern door and hop up to the ledge in the next room. Use your new Ice Missile to destroy the fiery Enky blocking the way, and the E Tank will be yours.

Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Grapple Beam, Ice Missile

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This is found just below the previous Energy Tank, in the large open portion of the same chamber. Along the left-hand wall is a Grapple Beam Block you can yank away, but you’ll need to use an Ice Missile on the nearby flower first – it’ll wither away after just a second otherwise. While it’s frozen, yank away the Grapple Beam Block then fire a Missile to destroy its neighboring block. The Energy Part is inside it, so jump to the ledge and tuck into Morph Ball form to grab your prize.

Energy Part #2 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Grapple Beam, Speed Booster, Space Jump, Gravity Suit, Screw Attack

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This one takes an awful lot of abilities to get, and you’ll need to solve a Speed Booster puzzle too. Starting from the flood chamber next to the Green Teleportal, use the Gravity Suit in conjunction with the Space Jump and Screw Attack to burst through the blue blocks above the water. From there, you’ll want to Speed Boost your way into the neighboring room, but you’ll need to open the Grapple Beam door first. Run through and ready a Shinespark jump in the tall room next door, then rocket yourself straight up the middle – you’ll reveal an upper tunnel when you break through the cave ceiling. Grab the ledge, roll in, and jump your way to the Missile Tank inside it.