How to get the Grapple Beam ability in Metroid Dread

Swing to new heights and pull your way through special doors with this handy weapon.

Image via Nintendo

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Samus Aran can upgrade her arm cannon with all sorts of tricks in Metroid Dread. From the Wide Beam to the Diffusion Beam, these armaments are used to open certain doors and assist Samus in battle. Among these is the Grapple Beam, which you can find in Artaria. Here’s how to reach its specific location.

Start from the very top of the EMMI Zone — there’s a pair of Speed Booster Blocks up here you can charge through once you’ve unlocked that ability. The exit here leads you into a tall vertical shaft. The easiest way to climb it is with an upward launch of a Shinespark, but you can also ascend by shooting out the Beam Blocks and wall jumping. At the top of the shaft is a Save Station, so you can make a pit stop before exiting to the east if you wish. Drop through the proceeding pit and move through the next few rooms to find the Grapple Beam in the clutches of a Chozo Statue.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Grapple Beam is one of the most versatile tools in Metroid Dread. You can use it to swing from Grapple Points to reach ledges, open Grapple Doors, and yank Grapple Blocks into place – these are all marked by glowing blue triangles. You can also fire the Grapple Beam at magnetic surfaces to latch on from a distance. You’ll need to make use of all four of these methods to exit the room where you got the Grapple Beam and proceed forward.