All Hidden Achievements in Bloons TD 6

Complete all of the achievements.

Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game where you attack the balloons marching their way on an automated track trying to reach the end. There are several achievements you can complete in this game, and 10 of them are hidden. These hidden achievements do not detail how to unlock them or even have their names. Those looking to complete all of the challenges in Bloons TD 6 are all 10 of the hidden achievements in the game.

All hidden achievements


To complete the 2TC achievement, you need to complete a game in CHIMPS difficulty by using only two monkey towers.

Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy

You need to do 900,000 damage from a Bloon Master Alchemist in a single game before you reach round 100.

Big Bloons

You need to complete 10 games using Pat Fusty, a hero that arrived with update 9.0.

Bill Greates

You have to send $500,000 to an ally while playing co-op. To send $500,000 to an ally, you need to reach $2,500,000.

Chunky Monkeys

To complete the Chunky Monkeys achievement, you have to win 10 games using towers with big footprints set to medium difficulty or higher.

Golden Ticket

For the Golden Ticket achievement, you need to click all of the Monkey Loomps that appear on Candy Falls in the correct order. You have to click these areas extremely quickly for the order to count. This is the correct sequence to click on the screen.

  • 1. Top right
  • 2. Top house door
  • 3. Top left of the waterfall
  • 4. Top left corner
  • 5. Center of the track, next to the river
  • 6. Bottom right corner
  • 7. The waterfall mill, next to the house
  • 8. Bottom left corner

Josh’s Constant

For the Josh’s Constant achievement, you need to beat any expert level map on the CHIMPS difficulty by spending $40,870 or more on a single spike factory.

Mo Heroes, Mo Problems

You have to complete an odyssey without using any of the hero characters for the Mo Heroes, Mo Problems achievement.

Strangely Adorable

You to build an Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey with a level 20 Adora in range to unlock the Strangely Adorable achievement.

Stubborn Strategy

You can earn the Stubborn Strategy achievement by winning 100 games on maps that have removable obstacles, and you do not remove any obstacles.